Tru Foe vs. J2 lyrics



[Round 1: Tru Foe]
I'm a survivor of a breed that died
Strategize, I had to slide
You wanna prove this ain't about the demographic and you can really rhyme
So this won't be a hate crime - he really 'bout to die for Pride!
If you scared of war, you don't deserve to survive
I can see the fear in his eyes
Why gamble wit' ya life if you shook, 2 (two)? Die!
To get by, try angles (triangles), it isn't fair
I know he scared
Lame n*ggas get boxed in
Be a man
You couldn't fit in that circle 'cause you a square
Let off a pair, that's a deucе for 2
Deuce-deucе his roof
Tried to send 2 for Foe, and I sent one to 2
Do the math!
They wanted us at a equal plane
I lost a bullet, he lost his life: my definition of a equal trade
We ain't the same
New Midwest, I paved the lane
Made a way for gang
You tryna make a way for gays? On Ultimate Madness 4? This ain't the place!
This ain't 'bout the cash
Y'all gon' make me mad
Gave 2 the fo' (tutor Foe), like I ain't study in class
Since we gotta clash, I ain't showin' remorse, though
Bring a whole new meaning to "LGBT" if you don't know
That's when a bullet go through your LEG, GUT, BACK AND YOUR TORSO!
I told bro, I hit the corner, you get the coroner
He don't realize that he dead!
P220, German weaponry in the palm of my hand
The irony: a fag gettin' smoked wit' a European SIG (cig')!
Accordin' to them Christians, the way he livin' a sin!
You wanna question God?
Ask "Is this what The Creator wanted when He thought of a man?"
All I heard was a little "Nah's" (Lil Nas)
Mask up, grip a arm
Try and flex and you finna bleed
I'll lift and squeeze
Now this man on a version of masculini-tee (masculinity)!
Let's up intensity!
Gay rapper on SMACK? You throwin' off the energy
When the hemi speak, I remind them of SMACK originally
They gon' remember me!
Lurkin', in the streets
SPOTEMGOTTEM: the kid deceased
My first sign of 2? He get the piece (peace)!
I thrive in war! I'm scared of peace
The trench my natural habitat - you should be scared of me
Mob, n*gga
[Round 1: J2]
You told- go 'head
You told n*ggas they don't know what it's like to get shot in the stomach and still have to battle
Well, that don't explain why you be around here chokin', b*tch
And tonight I want you to remember what it was like to walk around wit' that colostomy bag...and don't forget sh*t
Llama gripped
I talk to these weapons, so even my metal knows
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