Murda Mook vs. Geechi Gotti lyrics



[Guy in the crowd]
It's New York n*gga! Know where you at!

[Geechi Gotti]
I jumped off the plane, I know where I'm at n*gga. Y'all keep tellin' me. We in New York n*gga yeah

[Round 1: Geechi Gotti]
He keeps sayin, "We in New York. Geechi don't do nothin' dumb in there."
Long as there's real n*ggas in the buildin', I'ma love it there
This n*gga got a Free Cassanova shirt on so you can tell that he's shook
This the type of sh*t n*ggas do
Publicity stunt, sayin' "Free Cass" but prolly ain't put no money on his books
We got Geechi Gotti versus...

[Crowd] You'ze a b*tch!

Why you threw that weak ass punch at Brizz?
I ain't even sure it connected
Believе it or not, swing on me, sh*t'll get serious (Sеrius), all you gon' be seein' is dots
Dot on his head, dot on his heart, dot on his leg
Yeah, y'all remember that crime scene
Well f*ckin' wit' me
It's gonna be so many Dots on the ground, they gon' need a blind man to read the crime scene
The .9 beam, I'm blammin' it first
It was hard to shoot that chopper
The kickback I couldn't handle the j*rk
I was 12 on that first mission
I ain't hit nothin' but the ground and the dirt
I was literally a kid missing
They called the cops on an Amber Alert
Hammers will squirt
I done shot enough n*ggas
You should be scared of me, just sayin'
The bullets done been through so much sh*t, they need therapy
Is he hearin' me?
Why you even did this dawg?
Homecoming? Even in New York you can get chipped off
Literally, come home to a Murda (murder)/suicide like Chris Benoit
He got the Crip p*ssed off
This old ass n*gga just learned how to work Twitter
Aye, but let me tell you, I think dawg did amazin'
Got Verb hostin', you sparkin' the engagement
Little different than me though, I spark it and flame it
Face leakin', they all tryin' to save 'em
Can't make out his last words, what is dawg even sayin'?
He pausin' between each letter
Oh you gon' get used to talkin' in Spaces
n*gga I ain't often this gracious
n*gga I got a tragic past
Show up with MACs and mags
And dissolve (this solve) for murder (Murda) like an acid bath
n*gga you washed up
I can tell you lost touch with this block stuff
T-Rex the only one who lift the Dot's up
You want them n*ggas to di*k ride you and c*ck bump
With my team it's not like that
It don't matter what you bring to the table n*gga, everybody eatin', it's a potluck
n*gga, I'll pistol whip you 'til the Glock bust
Matter of fact, in the streets it don't matter how old you is
I done had to show a couple shorties that they not tough
These streets is petty/foul (pedophile), I know some kids that got touched
Listen, I know you not Lux
Matter of in peace to yo' mama
I could never disrespect her, I ain't no f*ck n*gga
The bond between a mother and her son is much bigger
The last op' I caught I put the bucks in him
He died from a stomach shot
Detectives told his mama, she said she already knew, she had a gut feelin'
What's up wit' him
I don't wanna hear no blogs in his favor
We really used to have to rob to get paper
The sh*t I did back then, I'm able to rap about it now, technically I was just a content creator
On God n*ggas haters
I'll pistol whip you 'til they can't recognize you
They gon' have to trace you back usin' ya blood of ya grandfathers
When I'm done, you ain't gon' even look like Murda (murder), turn this b*tch into Manslaughter
What is ya damn problem bro?
You 'bout to get punched
In the casket, yo' ass gettin' stuffed
In a box with his mouth open, that n*gga's a munch
Just know, this just what I do, delete souls
This fully auto is a cheat code
Bullets will Surf through ya chest (Chess) and Roc(k) you to sleep, easy (Eazy)
GunTitle was a strap with a switch, yeah this muthaf*cka came with AMG mode
n*gga the streets cold, man I sold coke and crack
That part of my life a different chapter
In the hood they didn't really want that sauce
The OG said to cook it up with that special batter
Then he said, "You gotta push that sauce to the blond haired, blue eyed people. It's they drug and they pockets a lil' fatter."
So that's a Caucasian drug was all I gathered
They start seein' the 'Ye sell out soon as they see White Lives Matter
But quit the chatter, cause look at this crew
They shot who?
n*gga, you from that DVD era?
Gettin' Smacked with the cannon (Canon) outta bring you deja vu
They like Mook, just dyin', only his mans is carin'
Sheets barely on top of the body, all the fans is starin'
Looks like the coroner's did a bad job tryin' to cover up murder (Murda) like Jon Benet Ramsey's parents
The cannon's flarin'
Glock finna spray
Pop Murda (murder), sh*t feel like Marvin Gaye
I ain't all for play
I can get any n*gga from the gang to do him
The streets cold, some of my enemies I was related to 'em
I remember I slid once, I seen my cousin out there, I ain't even wanna spark bro
I missed on purpose even though they was all close
The n*gga jumped online and said his ops ain't got no aim
But at least they had a heart though
Aye this ain't no east vs. west, n*gga this is real vs. fake
If you hear the sh*t I'm sayin', this the sh*t you gotta respect
When I rap, yeah I punch, but I don't need crowd noise every time to connect
The sh*t I rap, n*ggas ain't gotta react, they gotta reflect
And they gotta expect, you to come out with these long drawn out stupid ass raps, buncha fake angles
Don't matter if you at home n*gga, they can't save you
And when it's real- n*gga rap
[Round 1: Murda Mook]
Geechi Gotti, you should be afraid
I had to throw the doo rag on so I could yell "Free the Wave"
You probably thought it was you that made this battle happen, be real wit' me
But I've been wantin' to kill you since you first started battle rappin' and you ain't even know it, I'm real tricky
Not cause of ya skill really, or you in somethin' that's real wit' me
I've been wantin' to kill you cause you from the city that killed Biggie
New York n*ggas, we still p*ssed off
All the love we lent (lint) and y'all Cali n*ggas still get us picked off
So now it's time for an L.A. n*gga to know how it feel to take a BIG loss
We got the Cali guy in NY, my slang is a lil' bit different than yours
It go, look, "I don't wanna be your friend after this
So I'ma get this out real early, SUCK MY di*k"
I can tell you don't be visitin' New York much
You said you gon' slap the sh*t outta me on my porch, what?
What the f*ck is "a porch" bruh?
We don't got porches stupid, we got stoops, and you know what those taught us?
Either we runnin' down or doin' walk ups
Now look at who I'm stooping to, I got a funeral for you
f*ck what he wear, just make it blue
You play Spades, right, funny guy? You know the Joker go with any suit
The gangstas see me, they salute, point at his chest, I bet he puke
I make music when I shoot, the front of the TEC look like a flute
Gotti who? n*gga, I been dying to make an example outta you, I promise you
I'll put a price on ya head like a prostitute
You used to work at a salon, right? So I'ma slide through to Gotti booth
Hair trigger, blow out Gotti roof: BOO-- that's how I do
We already know the real side of you, ain't no tough sh*t
You hid behind that poor tree for nothing, disgusted
That's the sh*t y'all f*ck with? n*gga, me? Only thing hiding next to a tree is gon' be this deuce-deuce when I got it inside my constructions
I'll get the li'l boy in blue buried, he a muffin, he cake mix
Y'all wanna know why Bae sick? He basic
Bae trip, run down on Bae strip, make Bae strip
If I see/seafood, seizing/season it, Old Bay sh*t
Ask who chain is it, I'ma tell em "Oh, Bae sh*t"
He want it back? Gotta pay a high fee/hyphy: old Bay sh*t
I ain't on no gang sh*t, don't talk to me with no "loc" in ya language
The only loc I'm concerned with is location
Slide through, assault rifle, the sh*t 'bout 5'2"
"Dead in the middle of Little Ital--" punish him
You know the Ks all y'all crip n*ggas throw away? n*gga, this is one of em
Look at Bae blushing, he got his idol right in front of him
You already said in a blog that my bars raised you
Even the Gotti name proves somebody from the Mobb made you
n*gga, this Little Thing Of Ours but this thing is ours but in yours you not the top boss
The name Gotti not yours so now I gotta knock off a knock-off
The one thing y'all got in common I saw
It was a John in front of Gotti and y'all both died behind bars
n*gga, Dot Mobbin', you play with that you gon' get shot for it
The Glock barkin', infrared dot on it, can't wait to put the opps on it
The clip 'bout a foot and it got a sock on it
I'll clap, ya lungs gon' collapse like the stock market
I told Smack, I need my money tall, I'm the big show
It's obvious I took mine in crypto/crip, though
Yo, this New York crowd, they wouldn't give a f*ck if I killed you
Y'all know what a dead crip body look like? Still blew/steel blue
I know the studio you film No Studio'N, I kick the door to the studio in, I bet the studio end
They gon' have to find a casket that's big enough to fit the whole studio in
n*gga, this a courtesy
What up, 50? Look around, you in Irving, Gotti off of what Murda ink
I'm always the one the rule
Marcus Van Troy II: even ya name tell me you're born to be number two
Look, y'all Cali n*ggas don't like seeing n*ggas eat, yeah, I know
Y'all think y'all the only ones with the roscoes?
Well, I got a Roscoe and HE got a roscoe
You think we 'bout to let what happened to PNB Rock go?
You think we not 'bout to pop smoke for Pop Smoke?
You can't help it with a sorry, the beef gon' be forever probably
And I came to blow out ya candles "Welcome to the Party"
I'm a thot, get me lit
I'ma shoot at a crip
I'ma put two in his head
It's gon' ruin his drip
Wanna know where Bae be?
Oh, I'ma put you in a grip
You gon' get thrown in a trunk
Then get threw in a ditch
EAZY, n*ggA!!!!
EAZY, n*ggA!!!!
[Round 2: Geechi Gotti]

Ay, I f*ck with Pop Smoke, too cuz cuh was crippin'
I hate that n*ggas wanna show love after they die, wasn't saying all that when he was living
But see, giving up them-- New York sh*t, y'all gon' cheer, it's a given but I wasn't even with them guys
He gon' say a bunch of B.I.G. records, yeah and it got y'all Hypnotized
But check this out though, this n*gga was dancing around like a f*cking female
n*gga move like one, act like one, shoulda been battling one of them broads
Y'all shoulda just got Jaz for Murda, she use to answering those calls
The road dog but I feel at home in this muh'f*cka, got the chrome in this muh'f*cka, don't make me spark it, then
Headshot, they gon' have to f*ck with his motor skills, he gon' need to learn how to walk again and talk again
It's a necessity, doctors gotta help with Murda, now they accessories
Watch how you addressing me cuz I found out the block you was living
Catch him in his den, the quickest route through the kitchen
Get my young'uns to do the job, let em slide on Murda like when cops kill a n*gga
If I send a hitta, it's no casualties
Thor hammers and these b*tches ain't for all that horsing around like the Valkyrie
They done shackled me in them cells, shout out to ma dukes always sending me mail
Reminded me of the times as a kid when I used to trace them ABC's for her and I did it so well
Every now and then I would mistake my C's for E's and my I's for L's
It was f*cked up cuz the next time I wrote a letter for her, I was in a cell
You look like you'll tell cuz what type of n*gga record a private conversation then release it..
Get asked about it, hop online then repeats it?
You probably still got that conversation with Drake in your phone cuz you look like the type of n*gga who'll keep it
Listen, you recorded a private conversation with Drake-- and ay, man, that was lame ass sh*t
At the end of the day, that was some lame ass sh*t
Cuz all of us done damn near been to jail or got some pat'nas that's in the states or in the Feds that's sick
So hearing that a call been monitored or recorded, you shoulda known how much we hate that sh*t
But that's what you do, n*gga; you the reason Drake even stop f*cking with the culture and it's true, n*gga
Ask Smack, the money dried up, them budget cuts is cuz of you, n*gga
You recorded a private conversation and you don't see nothing wrong with that action, sadly
n*gga sat on Breakfast Club with Dame Dash, still ended up being a chatty patty
n*gga, you talk too much! You ain't never heard the term "less is more"?
Type of n*gga to go to jail and tell the police some sh*t you wasn't even questioned for
It's the first rule of the streets, my n*gga, it's basic:
If we talk about something, it's between me and you, that info shouldn't wind up in different places
If you'll record a private conversation, I'm led to believe you'll give a statement
But this n*gga right here got slapped by Math Hoffa with a gun... then he went on his podcast, now that's some stupid sh*t
I ain't the smartest n*gga in the building but in My Expert Opinion... n*ggA, YOU'Z A b*tch!
Cuz even if it wasn't true he musta thought you was a sucka letting that rumor live knowing n*ggas can get killed like that
That mean he know you a b*tch and them is real life facts
You ain't no gangsta, my n*gga; you might know how to write rounds and put your material together but the truth is you was never built like that
n*gga, you ain't no thug; you probably got something behind you
You just a busta with rhymes, maybe that's why he signed you
n*gga said "we got a roscoe"
n*gga, hit him with the bird, turn his head to a waffle
n*gga, I coulda lined you but you was scared to come to the land
That's the difference: they love me in New York, they gave me guns when I land
n*gga, I once was a fan til I met yo' corny ass then I found out you definitely was fronting
Wouldn't let your TECs bust or nothing
You basically DNA if T-Rex was his cousin
Now just for discussion, you didn't even wanna fight Brizz, n*gga, tell the truth
You ain't gangsta, that sh*t ain't even in your character, Mook
But this culture'll make n*ggas do some sh*t they scared to do
This life just like 2K, you can literally push a square to shoo--
Now I'm daring you, let's scrap so we can dead it, your rap style is pathetic
Every battle I drop game, the fans just gotta catch it
The way I been putting these jew(el)s down, they saying I'm antisemitic
Man, I don't get it cuz you said you and Smack built this sh*t
Hell naw! He been working for Smack the whole time
That n*gga just gave that n*gga a platform to sign off bro grind
That sh*t was called SMACK DVD, not SMACK and Mook DVD
That was that n*gga vision, his camera and his money
If it wasn't for SMACK, I wasn't even sure you were even getting money
I mean seriously, if it wasn't for cuz you woulda been done
All these years later, n*ggas done started TV shows, got they own leagues, you still got this as your only means of income
The fans don't respect you, the culture, thes-- look, every time you battle, we regret you
To think that you still selling out these tics is disrespectful
Against Verb, you had a bad battle, Reed, you had a bad battle, if it was anybody else, they woulda been [stopped] booking you
If they woulda put you against killers like me anywhere else, I woulda been start cooking you
Look at you: you not a asset no more, n*gga, you a liability and Troy can see
These big checks he still give you is strictly off loyalty
n*gga, you a li'l boy to me, don't get this sh*t here mistaken
You got the nerve to swing and f*ck up some money that you don't even be making
Got this sh*t here mistaken, n*gga, f*ck yo verses; yeah, you can rap but why don't you just tell us more?
I mean he got the metaphors, I only rap about the metal fours
That's cuz my brain don't work the same, my sh*t a light speed ahead of yours
He ain't realized the world changing, even prisons updated from just bars to metal doors
n*gga, yo raps is outdated and you b*tch made
That Brizz battle showed us you got trouble landing haymakers on a big stage
Listen though, my n*gga, we in the streets, this what I'ma tell you: he gon' say a bunch of lies cuz that's what he be doing
He ain't gon' tell you in Cali I actually had him around my lions and didn't feed you to em
Listen, this a concrete jungle, the wrong move'll make yo' life change
I done seen a bunch of n*ggas career not takeoff over a dice game
I'm saying that sh*t right there with compassion and purpose
Just saying this spot I got in wasn't accidental, Murda
[Round 2: Murda Mook]

You said you was the Michael Jordan of battle rap, that's kinda bold
If anything, you Michael Jordan when he was on the Wizards, you know, when he was kinda old
But all jokes aside, you aight, Gotti, you kinda cold
But if I ask if you're Michael Jordan, you gon' hear "Murda Mook!" what that mean? A lot of no's/nose
I'm so ignorant and got a slow reload on a old Remington
My reply to a thank you for doing a felony favor: don't mention it
You know the code: no contributing to no sentences
Keep ya nose in ya own business and no witnesses
The whip tinted, clip extended, spit for 6 minutes
You ever seen a toilet flush? I'm waiting for the war to go down to leave some sh*t spinning
I got love for Geechi, I might be sick after this minute
But if I learned anything from Magic Johnson is I could live with it
Tryna stay away from the task force, that was the number one task for us
I done hit dope with so many stamps, I had to get another passport
If I see a crip walking, I'ma put my foot on the gas more
And make a new way to put one 60 on the dashboard
Make no mistakes, razor blade, skate on ya face
Give him a buck fifty, only thing missing is Yayo and Banks
G-g-g, G-g-g, G-g-- it ain't a game
Or we could go old-fashioned since you wanna portray the vet
I'm coming with the rifle with the bayonet, I think I'ma put Bae on that
Don't hit my jack telling me he a good n*gga, save all that
He 'bout to have a eulogy; all the nice sh*t y'all got to say about him, you could say on that
I'm about to send Geechi off to meet the Lord
The next card you gon' see him on, his opponent gon' be standing across from a ouija board
"Mook, why you don't be on social media more?" The f*ck I'm on social media for?
If it don't make me no money then it's a hobby
Y'all n*ggas looking all on Spaces to talk to Gotti?
Find me, I'll be looking for spaces to put the bodies, n*gga
We already know how you play in VA, that was a sore sight
I mean just seconds before that, he was all bite
Then he went and hid behind the bark, yikes! You ain't wanna get in that dogfight?
You supposed to rep crip, whatever risk/wrist; you gotta be ambidextrous cuz you just left Hanz like it was alright
n*gga, you a chump, I c*ck the pump
Hide from me behind a tree, I'ma pop the trunk
And this the guy y'all choose to root for? I'm stumped!
You shoulda been in Danny universe cuz then it woulda went like that Migos hit "The Cocoon"
You talking 'bout Takeoff, well if that's the case you woulda told them two dudes that was just walking with you to move
And them bullets, they shoulda took Drugz then went to the Moon
I been eager, I should call you Jeffrey Dahmer, you a di*k eater
Matter fact, n*gga, YOU'Z A b*tch! I'm just tryna figure are ya Santana or Big Frieda
You could die here or in life, I ain't against either
I'ma have so many animals on ya back it's gonna offend PETA
In my insides I'm still cold, cousin even though I'm by a big heater
Something blew then see me with the nose running: I got Kill-A-Crip Fever
f*ck EFB, I don't care about them either
I don't know which one of them sweeter
Look: JC living in Lux shadow, Rum only gangbanging when he rapping
Danny and his big words, we know he good at playing Scrabble
URL left Ave broke, shattered, they done turned him into gravel
"Every Fuccin' Bar" n*gga this a "Eazy f*cking Battle"
"Ebony's a f*cking Bum", she eat "Every Frank Behind me"
I got a "Extendo Full of Bullets" for "Every f*cking Body"
"Especially For Bae" n*gga, here, here, here
I stand over em till they're "Each Finished Breathing" like yeah, yeah, yeah!
n*gga, you a square; Smack, he used to work at a salon, what are we doing here/hair?
Who you tryna front to? You do frontals, let's play truth or dare
I dare you to tell the truth about you doing hair
Tell whoever root for Bae I'll turn it to Beirut in here
Off the bat, send him home running, I'm Babe Ruth in here
He going home or Homecoming, hit Bae roof in here
Put a Nut on this magnum, I came too prepared
His wife banging on the box, saying it ain't you in there
The whole gang shooting here, you will get smoked in here
I'm so New York, I took the train to get over here
EAZY, n*ggA!

[Round 3: Geechi Gotti]

If the n*gga wasn't up here lying and I really did work in a hair salon, I would be saying "ay that was tight, fool"
I ain't never did nobody hair, I actually sold hair to b*tches like you
Them n*ggas talking 'bout a n*gga hiding behind trees
But won't tell you how when they be in my city, they be hiding behind me
And if anybody over there saying that ain't happening, on me, they lied
They be with me, scared to branch out, don't want me to leave they side
"Ayy! You gotta fight!" This n*gga did a million YouTube videos about me
This n*gga even did a press conference... with one n*gga up there with him, I'm like what the f*ck is he thinking?
I wasn't doing no talking; wasn't no need for the interviews, for Murda I was locked in something cold: rest in peace to Kenneka Jenkins
This n*gga tweakin', I done really been through plenty sh*t
I rap for the n*ggas that's sitting in a cell, locked in the hole; ain't seen the sun/son in forever like 50 Cent
n*gga, flip the script, I ain't got sh*t to say
You got Geechi, a couple years ago, you woulda had to spit with Bae
This gangbanging ain't sh*t for play, I did the shooting and I got shot, that's some sh*t to say
I didn't get to walk the high school stage, I got shot and wore hospital clothes: I earned my cap and gown a different way
This lifestyle cold; I really just be venting sh*t through these bars
Seeing your pat'na turned vegetable could leave you mentally scarred
His mama said pull the plug cuz he was already dead and the doctor bill said she was fully charged
n*gga, do you know who we are? I done took all types of chances
I used to just hop out and shoot, nowadays I'm more precised in planning
Could easily get a smoker to do the job for a couple of rocks, literally he'll take your life for granted/granite
But dammit, there I go, rapping 'bout this block sh*t
My grandma said don't ever lie to her so when I caught that drug charge, she instantly got p*ssed
I mean, I technically told the truth; I said I had keys, she just thought I was a locksmith
I'm in New York, middle finger to my opps, b*tch
This n*gga try to run, get hit right there when Glock spit
n*gga got shot in quads, sound like a Pac hit
I really dropped sh*t, some sh*t I'll do again
Started bangin' at 12, I'll admit I was a foolish kid
I start committing crimes but had nothing to do with me, but more to do with them
If I knew what I knew now, I probably wouldn't even do it then
I actually put my trust in people I should've put a bullet in
But I'm due to win cuz it's kill or be killed, I ain't stressed, n*gga
I still put heart eyes on the pics when my opp die, that's on the set, n*gga
I'm talking 'bout I'm married to the streets, seen plenty of em get left in em
I kept killing, watching bodies drop was the best feeling
You right, Jeffrey Dahmer: I fell in love with death, n*gga
Yes, n*gga, I actually even went to church, I'm not stupid
I just rather have my guns aiming and holla "you a b*tch" while I'm shooting
I'm not losing, you can stop the noise
If anybody said you was fire, they was just jonesing, man, no n*gga wanna hear you rap on stage or in the lobby, boy
I just copped a toy, can't wait to play with it, got the K kicking
Catch him in a V, leave this square in a wreck, tangled up, he shape shifting
Aye, listen, I rap for the streets; I either did it or I seen it, I never heard it
You rap for the n*ggas who wasn't in the streets, they studied n*ggas so they learned it
That's why they can't judge our material the same, it's a difference in our sentences like consecutive or concurrent
You seen his face cuz he never had a sentence that was consecutive or concurrent
He was just rapping, I was wrapped up in a whole lot of gang sh-- well, the feds is watching, let me be careful how I word it
I'm not glorifying, I'm just highlighting my era/error to show y'all I wasn't perfect
Now was it worth it? You in here with the Devil
On this battle rap stage, he Ray J and I'm Ye: yeah you hit it first but I took this b*tch to a different level
n*gga, this sh*t is special, yeah, I'm from Nutty Blocc, we rep the YN, the Yankees, that's grey and blue, n*gga
I'm from Nutty Blocc, yeah, that's my gang, it's not a crew, n*gga
I really had to slide for this NY, I got n*ggas that done died for this NY, truthfully, I love this sh*t more than you, n*gga
Ay, a n*gga been rapping for a minute but really I'm home
This n*gga up here with goofy ass Serius Jones
n*gga tried to diss EFB with e'ry n*gga in the clip so check this out, y'all just gotta f*ck with me
You from Dot Mobb, you got Daylyt, that n*gga said he'll f*ck Diddy
And this n*gga Rex look like he been smoking crys'
n*ggas stopped being with Dot Mobb-- matter fact, that's all y'all had, who the f*ck are these other n*ggas, we looking like what they doing here?
Roc and Shine left Dot Mobb once they found out that you n*ggas weird
You still finally got to battle the face of the culture, the n*gga that's been winning these belts
And it don't matter, yeah, you still loss but having a conversation with a real n*gga is actually a win in itself
So when it's real, y'all can tell, y'all can see it in they eyes
Go 'head, third round, see if y'all can believe them lies
n*gga, time

[Round 3: Murda Mook]

Yo, Gotti, don't f*ck around and get the same ass whooping as them other n*ggas got before
You try something in here, I'ma tell Brizz to run over to Roc and tell him "lock the door"
I'll beat a whole buncha blood out a crip
It's gon' be like a stillbirth, you gon' be dead before you could make it out this b*tch
I could beat the sh*t out you right here and still get my full back pay
Cuz when Smack hit my jack we both agreed that I would keep the wolves at Bae
Rest in peace to the greatest white boy to ever grace the SMACK stage
You went at my n*gga Pat cuz he went at Game? Well, that ain't gang, right? So that's lame
Well, no talking behind nobody back, say it to Pat face
I'ma help get the match made; 357 Mag Way, that's the address to where my n*gga Pat stay
But this your funeral, bro, ain't it beautiful, though?
And everybody in attendance came to "look at you go"
Rest in peace, B.I.G.: the pillowcase over the hammer make the strap muffle
You wanna scuffle? Put up your knuckles and watch a gat punch you
Your fight with death, I bet that's gon' be your last tussle
Funeral? That always wins, you better ask Hustle
n*ggas only think you tough cuz you sound like Doughboy, think about it
Sounding like every gangsta movie from my childhood can be nostalgic
But just cuz you say "that's hard, cuh" that don't make you hard, cuh
Cuz they showed the soft n*ggas, too when Tre got up out the car, cuh
This is New York, fool, don't forget where you are, cuh
Cuz Marcuh, what you say today could make you not be here tomorrow, cuh
You a mark, cuz; all your war stories, (yawning) they starting to bore me, bruh
You alluded homicides since you was 14
But managed to get caught robbing a Walgreens
What does it all mean?
He giving information up, it's best I warn you
Marcus Van Troy, I bet; with Marcus, sh*t hit the fan, Troy stand for he'll Tell Right On You
Well, I pray you still got the merchandise, I'm in ya crib at night
Heard you tied the knot, me too... 'round your f*ckin' wife
Situation, nothing light, to let him know it's real heavy, leg 'im with the steel dessi
What you bet then Doughboy tell us where them pills buried?
Let us roll up, I let the Beretta load up
John give every single ten of ya men lead that show up
Y'all see him alive now but what's gon' f*ck your head up so much
Is where y'all hear Doughboy died soon as these credits go up
n*gga, you Nuts is screwed up
We watched him get "fully bullied with punches" and y'all made him feel cool cuz he threw one
"Aiyyo, Geechi got Lux!" I said "to do what?!"
n*gga, that was a sucka move y'all pulled with Lux
All of a sudden, you home where you from, now you Bishop and you tough
Now look who got the Juice, chump
And I'm Radames, hemming you up, making ya feet lift
And look at Q, look at Steel, look at Raheem, crip
They standing right behing you acting like they don't see sh*t
Small Taurus, see something short bust retarded
Put a hole in your head like a ostrich and it hard as a rhinoceros
We don't hold on to sh*t, we let it go soon as we see opps
We could shoot it out till yellow tape got the streets blocked on a police block
So many bullets, you feel like they never gon' be stopped
You gon' hear Detox before you hear the clip from this heat drop, n*gga
I run down like "What's up now?" he stuttering, something got his speech locked
He like "B-- "
I don't know if he talking or if he trying to beatbox
I'ma tell you something I been dying to hear
Irving Plaza, people really died in here
Gotti, you died on this stage, my man even died upstairs
Look at NuNu, b*tch even dyed her hair
Straight Outta Locash, stupid mothaf*cka named Geechi
But the one thing we do agree on: NuNu Nellz can suck a di*k cuz she sneaky
She publicly bet Drake that Reed'll beat me
She don't know that make y'all league look greasy
She look like Ronald McDonald when she freaky
She said f*ck me but she a tree-she
She couldn't f*ck Smack so she f*cked Beasley
Wait, b*tch, you f*cked Eric, right? So I hope you catch AIDS so when you die from it, I could yell "EAZY!"
I done seen n*ggas come, I done seen n*ggas go
I seen my mother die the day I needed her the most
n*gga, I see you with money now and I seen't you broke
n*ggas I went against became rich; 20 years putting pain in that's why I still remain, that's why I'm the f*ckin' GOAT
EAZY, n*ggA!
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