Jaz The Rapper vs. Viixen The Assassin lyrics



[Round 1: Jaz The Rapper]
If y'all don't remember how I does this...good, I'll remind you
It's been a minute since I've been here, I'm 'bout to have a good time too
If you love me last time, tonight? I'm that times two
I work on my timing to address bullsh*t when it's time to
(And it's time to!)
This battle happened at the perfect time
Cause I've been outside so y'all can really see what Jaz 'bout
But I don't believe the hype
I'ma make a little example of the b*tch y'all say that spazz out
It's time to direct a body, [?] bad route
Cause when you got a Robin or Viixen the vixen always gon' be assed out
It's lit for shawty
Watch this sh*t get gory
Loso killed you, if that was me, they would've needed a surgeon for that Horse, Beth from Rick & Morty
I got clip for shawty, let ten bullets spit on Coffee
[?] wins 20, Ms. Fit 30, and Bernice Burgos

[O'fficial] What's that mean?

Vixen: 40 (Viixen: .40)
I feel sorry for your people
Cause this sh*t gon' get lethal
I don't use my hands, if me and dawg fight, me and Viix' (Vics) career gon' be endin' with the Eagles
Stay dangerous, e'rybody got straps like it's legal
b*tch, even pussies got a grip, they doing keegals
I could slice her, shoot her or fight her, I got the cheat code
But nah, I'ma give Viix' the Heat; Oladipo
I love my margaritas but I'ma give her mo' heat tho (mojito)
Nah, kidnap her, and if y'all don't make payments I'ma take V, we doin' repo
I heard this b*tch got it out for me
But I'll catch you in V.I.P
I had a lil' n*gga scout for me
And you gon' eat two or three bullets just for doubtin' me
Abraham Lincoln; BAOW! Assassinated (Assassin ate it) on the balcony
When it come to the female Jordan, that would be me
You not trickin' the masses
n*gga, I took Geechi and Steams, they know who got Jordan pull (Poole), I was punchin' on n*ggas for practice
My boo said, "Get that Green, Bay, pack her (Packer) up."
So I'm out here tryin' to make cream
But O and Casey shootin', it's a movie and they gon' make scenes
I said, "Green Bay", right?
I got two airin' (Aaron) on the same team
b*tch it's big bag, not the little one
What the f*ck is up?
E'rybody wanna talk about my head, well enough's enough
Ave said he'd shooty shoot
Roc said he'd knuckle up
Lu said he'd stabby stab
Well I head butty butt
This casket gon' be big
Nah, nah, I don't think y'all hear me fully
I mean this casket gon' be big
Ask me how big
(How big?!)
I'm talkin' JC's Amiri hoodie
Hoe sit down
You wanna dance? Well let's get down
I said, "JC" but she can't pop lock in the middle of this round
Why would you even take me in New York?
Well let me show Julian Love
She gon' need safety in New York
We got Wisconsin in this b*tch
But y'all known for some sh*t I'll never boast
Y'all famous for cheese...okay, so (queso), that's just some sh*t I put on bread or toast
This my house, my cottage
Would they agree? Yeah, and there ain't no better host
Jaz been wildin', and I see I go (asiago) hard so that's why they fed a GOAT
I'm on a hunt 'til I find out where you be at in Milwaukee
Winter, summer, spring, fall, Jason Kidd, I will spend four seasons in Milwaukee
It's gon' be HK's and SK's if you ever see me in Milwaukee
So the Anetoknmpo's ain't the only thing, big, black and European in Milwaukee
My whole crew bang
I could use a shotty cause a 12's infamous like the flu game
Or I can get the .22 and give her middle ten (Middleton) but she gon' be out for a few games
You told Casey, "The face don't keep a man, the cookin' do."
Who's cookin'?
White girl cookin'? How you think that look for you?
Cause I'm strapped, security was lackin' and they frisked me quick
And just like your potato salad what I'm raising (raisin) ain't supposed to be in this sh*t
Three years ago, you said you'd f*ck Smack if you wanted to be on SMACK, wow
I find that real funny because...you be on SMACK now
Ain't that crazy?
You carried the game but you gon' hurt yo' back like the bag lady
I never thought I'd see this n*gga Smack and a white girl like Zac Stacey
But did it happen or not Smack?
Is that the reason he booked you b*tch?
Do you believe in a Parallel Universe?
(I DO!)
It's funny, I was known for V Card and now and now I'm pullin' it
But before I lose, I'd rather go to jail first
Shotgun, red and green droppin' when the shells burst
They like, "Jaz can't rap about guns. She work with cops."
Right, I know exactly how the 12 work
But one day, I'ma take a call, regular day, super easy
"9-1-1 what's your emergency?"
The caller said, "Hey Jaz. This is Beasley"
I said, "Beasley! Why you talkin' in ya trailer voice?"
He's like, "Man. We wanna keep you outside cause you been killin' 'em."
And they told me the price, I said, "Y'all wanna pay me that much? Minimum?"
Well shoutout to Caffeine for showin' me this f*ckin' love
I was a dispatcher for three years
But with the way URL payin' me now, I quit cause I don't need that f*ckin' job
But the whole time I was in trainin', this not a talent this a scrimmage
They gave me a white girl, I was an operator, I used to talk to Karen's for a livin'
[Round 1: Viixen The Assassin]
Irving Plaza what's up?
I missed y'all believe me
The last time y'all seen me I was pushin' work better than Eazy
"Viixen wouldn't have put her hands on a female the way she did Roc", y'all right
I shoot these b*tches, major difference
Tomboy, I never played with b*tches
So this decision, it wasn't smart girly
November 6th, Day Light Savings, it's 'bout to get dark early
They like, "Viixen. Trippin'. You know what you riskin' bein' in her home state? You might die worse."
I ain't worried 'bout her home plate, she gotta learn how to slide first
I'm in the state of yours but I gotta different state of mind
Don't tell me what you gon' do
Got a baby goin' crazy in the back while I monitor what's in the front with a meal (mil') on my side
Look like I'm workin' from home too
Hands up, this is not a drill, you will get shot for real
You police, I don't wanna hear how you got the steel
I slide on her, grab the butt, let's see how this copper (cop a) feel
Think it's a joke 'til she get a (k)not for real
JC after 100K
(What's that mean?)
A lot'll peel
This what happens when they set a demon free
I'm so cold blooded, when I bleed it freeze
NBA first round in the 90's, I got Heat in three
This b*tch food, where's her EBT?
Get whipped quick with a blazer, I got a need for speed
Star did her so bad it made TMZ
BAOW, Petey Pablo, b*tch "Freak-A-Leek"
Backshot, BAOW
Ain't seen a disc skip this bad since DVD
Blade out, anything left Uncut went for BET
This b*tch gon' go from bein' a dispatcher to needin' EMT!
Got a steel, let it off
Have it peel and get tossed
I need her dead, not alive, gotta kill and get lost
Paramedic standin' over the body like, "You thought I was feelin' you?"
Yeah b*tch for your pulse!
Listen girl, we don't think of anything tough when they mention Jaz, you don't scare me one bit
I ain't flinchin' Jaz, I am not Hilary Banks, I will really di*k wit' Jaz
Ella Fritzgerald, I can see the b*tch in Jaz(z)
I don't get this Jaz
You got more than two battles this year? We supposed to applause and steady mention the sh*t?
You take forever to pick a date
Forever to get ready, typical b*tch
"Her wins outweigh her loses", I get it, it's fine
But of course her record gon' be clean if you never outside commit the crimes
Your career compared to mine, show you the real loser
You cotton socks, I'm hospital socks, I grip it, it feels smoother
She swing, .9 bang, headshot make the grill loser
Ask me why Draymond punched Poole and not Curry
Cause ain't no swingin' on a real shooter
I'm too lethal, leak her dome, how far we go
They ain't seen something spit out an apple like this since Carlito
.2-2 a couple screw loose
I dog (dawg) Magenta; Blues Clues
I'm in a New Groove
Switch to a Llama, Kuzko
Draggin' (dragon) b*tches; Mushu
We not worried 'bout what you do, or believe what you done before
Mulan stop actin' like you not a b*tch when it comes to war
Fake angles, slow punches, that is not gon' help
Like when yo' mamma say you bet' not open this door for nobody
b*tch you better watch yo' self
Tell them I've been in the game for a minute, it's somethin' that's known
I ain't have a push from Smack, I had to rise to the throne
Solitary confinement
I did Real n*gga Time on my own
O'fficial whooped yo' ass, right here on ya home turf
I look at you, and see (C) average, you barely passin' ya home work (homework)
Chrome burst
"I gotta gun so big that sh*t don't work"
.380, have a baby in ya crib, it's a home birth
Everybody dead, it's a sight to see
Two guns for any b*tch tryin' to get hype with me
This one, will put you down, like the decision in ya life is weak
And this one, will pick you up, like, "I don't care what they say about you Jaz. You aight wit' me."
You know what you got me?
f*ckED UP!
"Somethin' pale, bloated, gut hangin' like Viixin The Assassin"
Remember she said that versus Geechi, y'all remember cause y'all was laughin'
So when I f*ck this b*tch up, it's your fault
Don't be mad at me
I don't got the perfect body but I can't stomach the fact these b*tches ain't got the guts to rap wit' me
That's a fact to me
No probably
Besides Casey, you hoes is built weird
O'fficial, so floppy
And Jaz shaped like those b*tches Calicoes was skinny dippin' with
NO BODY (nobody)
Double up, I'm so godly
Hide the remains, don't make her a Go Fund Me, make her a Go Find Me
Don't try me
Wintertime hoe, we bring heaters
Headshot, if she bring diva
Y'all remember how I-
Now she don't either!
[Round 2: Jaz The Rapper]
That was fire b*tch
Y'all prolly like, "Damn, Jaz prolly done up."
Whatchu say? "Deuce deuce, couscous, blue-" b*tch shut up
And you do is, "Fo' pop, don't stop, stovetop, don't drop"
Then get aggressive on the last word, "Dome shot"
And you stole that flow from Jeruz
If the fans say you won, that'll be the last time you steal anything
Basically, if Viixen use Twork (twerk) moves to split the poles (polls), we gon' strip her (stripper) for everything
That sh*t is easy, watch this
I'm a [?] for real
I let it peel
Your boyfriend drop, no legs of steel
And then you drop, y'all dead for real
I will leave this white b*tch lyin' on a n*gga, R.I.P. to Emmett Till
All that aggression you be addin' you don't don't need it, you O.D.ing
I called you "Karen" the first round cause once you see them cameras you start screamin' for no reason
Curtis Jackson, Toranio
I got the .50 Cal' and it's gon' be swimmin' with fish when it's in
sh*t gone forever
Get Rich Or Die Trying, we'll never see that 50 again
See the black side of ya fam' good, but the other side, I'm takin' 'em all
If they don't pass that brown paper bag, then they facin' the floor
They brain splatter but I ain't takin' the fall
Cause the crime scene look like a racist did it
All they see is White Lives Matter sprayed on the wall
I couldn't wait for this call
Why did you wanna spar V?
No warning, where's the closest Tesla station, I'm 'bout to charge V
Well who got her winnin'?
For me Dumb & Dumber I'm 'bout to dog V
You goin' to need a Breaking Bad I'm cookin' you and aww V (RV)
You jumped in that water so now I'm flippin', sh*t look like I caught a gator
The Bardashians carryin' the tre's (trays), we all some waiters
If me and my b*tches jump her, she ain't gon' be walkin' later
I beat the breaks off her
They don't know what the f*ck wrong with V, it's the alternator
Don't ask me, I ain't with the bullsh*t, don't ask me my sign
I ain't a Taurian
And I put on a show and watch the cheers (chairs) go up, like auditorium
Hit one brain and hit the second brain, salutatorian
I'll make the time travel with V like the Delorian
The sh*t I squeeze make noise, but it's not an accordion
Kill ya man and cops is puttin' up sh*t for cautioning
I gave a new meaning to "taped in front of a live audience"
Ya sister be at ya battles, right?
I'll just wash her (washer) and anybody else I may tag (Maytag)
You said the Bardashians was 357's in the face
The whole crowd was like, "They mad"
I was b*tch, so I brought a drum with enough bullets to make Stace' Dash
Yeah you just turned 30 but you lookin' .50 in the face
I heard white people age bad
So stay back, this sh*t is gon' be shockin'
I'm killin' elders, dogs, babies, b*tch I got options
It look like Hell scrap
URL App, I'll take .8 out and y'all won't wanna see the sh*t I'm droppin'
What's poppin'
I got codewords for my Nina, me and that b*tch speak for real
I say, "Adidas" and she say, "Take n*ggas out they sneakers?"
But you won a Ball Game, right? I didn't know that was a group
Was y'all surprised? Cause I was
What? You tryin' to f*ck Hitman?
You think you gon' find love?
That n*gga Holla got hoes
I mean, hoe, hoe, hoes
His main, his side, his other side and then you was signed up
But history repeats itself
It was Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen (Viixen) was always fourth on the lineup
Hey Vicki! Victoria!
You know what scuffs my Timbs?
How n*ggas be thirsty for you like you a trophy
But you got three kids and three baby daddies, you just one di*k suck away from bein' Yoshi
Y'all remember she told Caution, "wrong hand, wrong hand!" to try to embarrass Lady Caution?
And then- because she had Roc on her resume before Caution got rocks on her hand, and y'all lost it
But you not married either b*tch, I'm like, "How do I stop makin' fun?"
At least three men could've put a ring on it, you just wasn't the one
You had a son and two daughters out of wedlock, are you dumb?
Come back to Earth, cause you should be on your third rock from the son (sun)
When you did that sh*t to Caution, that really made me wonder, cause you be like, "Every father's worst nightmare. His daughter lookin' up-"
No, his daughter bein' a single mother
And you f*cked Norbes for no reason, they say you got the wood from a wack n*gga
I know when that news came out, every dude in here was like, "She let that n*gga Norbes hit? I know I look better than that n*gga."
He ain't get you one battle here, and you was f*ckin' that n*gga comfortably
Can you imagine if a URL staff member was f*ckin' me?
It would be, "f*ck battle rap", it's bigger than that, none of you hoes would be touchin' me
If Smack ever got a taste of this pus*y I would own half the company
{Jaz points to Viixen}
Her pus*y's trash bro. It couldn't be me! It couldn't be me! It couldn't be me!

Speakin' of tastin' pus*y, when Casey said y'all f*ck, you said y'all didn't
You ruined a lot of n*ggas fantasies
But even though that you denied it, we still know you did somethin' with the kid
You treated Casey Jay like Casey Anthony
What, you ashamed? I have no problem with LGBT crew, I gotta make that very clear
Cause my gun hit men and b*tches too and I'll leave this gender fluid everywhere

[Round 2: Viixen The Assassin]
I peeped the way you move...you a flaky b*tch
I see the snake in this, you been rattled
I'm so ahead of you b*tches, the way I see it, we could've been battled
I'm 'bout to crack yo' top, for a fact, it's been Snapple
I heard you got the juice, and I couldn't wait to squeeze on this Big Apple
They didn't think I would survive this encounter, right?
You gotta dodge a punch first in order to throw a counter right
But she know how to counter write
b*tch I'll knock you the f*ck out, let's see if you can counter right
I'm with the sh*ts, I'll twist a b*tch
I'm talkin' fast rapper, sh*t get weird, I'll tie her up, it's not a joke, I really gag rappers
Lil' Pump, Blueface, 'bout to get bad Rapper
[?] let it sing, you goin' outside Rapper
Before Karrine Steffans, on top is how I bag rappers
Gun butt her
Crack her skull
Massive damage
Shiv out
Let's turn this pumpkin head b*tch into a jack-o-lantern
Poke a woman's eyes (womanize) out, like Stiffler
Ice pick her
Precise with nice [?]
Then go through her gut, and raise her (razor) blade, [?]
f*ck a knife bar, I don't wanna pull a blade no mo'
It's November, I don't even wanna shave no mo'
Gun in the buildin', Smack like it today, free Tsunami, I can't let it Wave no mo'
Silencer, Al Kapone, you won't hear nothin' 'bout the Sig' (cig') on stage no mo'
And dent (indent) this b*tch chest 'til it's Brizz Rawsteen, it don't wanna Cave no mo'
Run in the crib, kick down the door, I will shoot
Is Brooklyn in the house? Well b*tch I am too
Y'all see how she move?
Puttin' her all into punches and performance tonight while she rappin'
Check you out
Up here lookin' like Jaz The Assassin
In order to beat me, you have to be me
I gotta deal wit' it
Nina Simone, Frank Sinatra, I make Jaz(z) sound real different
Majenta Bracey, you always up here playin' doin' somebody- baow
Baow impersonations
It ain't gon' help
It's only one person you have to be for impact
Don't be shocked when I tell you, Brace' yourself
You ain't gon' step, I give two five, put bullets in a new cal'
Then let it sing on Jaz(z), it's the blues now
Tools out, big head b*tch, get your scalp hit, I lift and squeeze
Put bullets where your house is
No prints (Prince) when I shoot; game; blouses
Ms. Potato Head I'll put the nose where your mouth is
You ain't 'bout sh*t
Bury her, dirt come
Try me? I'll hurt some
Pull V Card? It took you too long to pull the first one
I got a tight grip on this pus*y, like the old Jaz
But this one will open a b*tch, like the hoe Jaz
Bro Jaz, talk about who I f*ck, you really let a crackhead crack yo' sh*t?
Talkin' 'bout, "he a pimp", that is a crackhead b*tch
My bad, he ain't hit, he just snacked on it
Jaz got off, QP relapsed and got back on it
Tellin' us, he gave you head and you ain't give him none back
So rookie
And I bet you he did a line off that twat
That's a new meaning to "that's some dope pus*y"
We ain't gon' talk about ya bag, let's talk about ya good time too
One .40, times two
Address bullsh*t, that's for this .40, it was time to
It's an issue, magazine, be on the New York Times too
Ya mama at the funeral- b*tch it's time to
.9 shoot, that one to the head, gon' make you bend
The Jaz Face...
Gon' replace the face on the scale when doctors ask you how much pain you in
You know what scuffs my Timbs?
New York I love y'all, but I'm from the midwest
You know what scuffs my all black Air Force Ones?
Why you up here actin' like I ain't a look for you?
You know what scuffs my all black Air Force Ones?
Why you don't talk about ya team holdin' you down and what you put them through
You know what scuffs my all black Air Force Ones?
Why you don't be outside, they still be bookin' you
You know what scuffs my all black Air Force Ones?
Why you don't do the Jaz Face when b*tches be cookin' you
Look at you, all y'all do is brag about her battle rap IQ
If I look the wrong way, my n*ggas movin' in, that's how I queue
She break her opponents down, and be studyin' books
Meanwhile my team was locked up, Connect Network, JPay, Secure Us, I was studying books
My brother did a bid, I held it down and didn't hesitate
Sacks a phone (saxophone) call away, I was clearin' it (clarinet) all
Jaz(z) we was movin' double bass
I don't rap what I live, or even what I been through
My drive perfect in battle rap, cause off stage, there's sh*t I gotta attend to (ten-two)
That's why I don't get you
This fake hardcore image, don't get lumped off the sport
You live with your parents, got a good job and never been arrest of course
I don't care how much you outside, in real life you ain't never jumped off the porch
They know I'm a force, I'm too potent
Brag about how you hit Irving Plaza first like you dopest
b*tch I will hit you in Irving Plaza and drag you out them same doors that you opened
Let's go

[Round 3: Jaz The Rapper]
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