"Meek Interview"

Desensitized, no longer claim the pain as ours, it's all been monetized
And they wonder why we run round wild, depressed and volatile As if we had a choice, the future's hopeless, what's there to incentivize?
Just play my words a million times and allow them to energize
We out of this world, our thought process the Star Trek Enterprise
And that hamster wheel you running on is another form of suicide (suicide, suicide, suicide, suicide)

I just started questioning things and it all came together

[Verse 1]
Crucified, these lucid dreams they come alive
Defying gravity and logic all within this space and time
Did the impossible, then do it again, the only way to win is when, is when the chips are down, show of strength
Control your temperament, this sh*t is sweet as peppermint
Pack a purple punch of berry backwoods with the resin in
Thank god for my melanin, and all of the kids benevolence
I'm right back in my element, tell them n*ggas we elevate, weigh a ton like a elephant
Take the hinges right off the door if you n*ggas don't let us in

[Verse 2]
Now can't be stopped, micromanaged, or monitored
Staying on script like telemarketers
The bumps and bruises never bothered us
Playing this game of petty politics, the dirtiest contradiction
Still we survive in these conditions, temperature's frigid, gets explicit
Dodging the mishaps and the mis-steps, we avoided another conviction
Got an angel and devil on both shoulders, I've been living with 'em in confliction
Had to turn my motherf*cking GPS on, make the right decision
If I do it, I do it large
Avoid the smoke and mirrors and mirages
Used to dream of the big C.R.E.A.M with a couple acres, seven car garages
Feet clean, got me looking flawless
b*tch a queen, call her Lucy Lawless
I get high, I be where the Gods is
I'ma shine on them irregardless
Got a mindframe that you can't change
I'ma maintain, you should do the same
Off the leash, we was never tame
Dipping in and out of everything
Gotta get it, that's by any means
Ain't no need for me to explain
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