No matter how it go, yeah
When it's all said and done
The greatest story ever

[Verse 1]
Told from the view of an outcast
I ain’t talking Big Boi, 3 Stacks
All of my sh*t is over your head
Not my motherf*cking fault that the bar been set at your kneecaps
I been on the edge of the ledge of the depths of the deep
Where the wind never blows and the weak never sleep
I confess I'm a mess on the quest for the peace
In love with collateral damage from all I seek, God

[Verse 2]
Tell 'em I’m ready to run a marathon
Feel like it's time to turn the propellers on
Your movement is similar to a Peloton
Cult following, they calling me a demi-god
Tryna blow like the plane that hit the Pentagon
Tell them n*ggas that I been invested
For the dividends, you living reckless
I don't think they ever got the message
I unlocked the presence
Beast mode, using all defenses
n*gga y'all defenseless
Left froze like a paraplegic
Motivation got me barely sleeping
Paranoid, you got me rarely speaking
f*ck a fantasy, I been living in calamity
Dotting i's, I been crossing t's with no vanity
They never understood the man in me
I'm still feeling like I'm incomplete
I’m ill, finna keep it linked like Raekwon
Chef I’m with a flow that hit a n*gga like I break 'em
My mind get dark sometimes like Akon
They been sleeping on me, they treating me like a futon
Feeling like I’m Biggie, I told 'em to give me the loot now
n*ggas elevated and resurrected a new high
To the game, play like Indiana Hoosiers
In touch with the real, never lost in illusions, God

All the way in [?]
I just roll another L to get high

[Verse 3]
Get through the pressure, get through the pain
Back in '09 I was tryna maintain
Had a lot on my mind that I can't explain
When it’s all said and done, sh*t I did it my way
I never compromised, to be monetized, I can't live a lie
In the cut tryna strategize with a plan that I won't revise
Tryna make the blessings multiply
I'm tapped in, n*gga call me the God
f*ck a minimal loss, the tycoon that created a flood
I'm in the back and I'm kicking up dust
Feel like I'm 'bout to combust
In retrospect I'm on your neck, the triple threat
I need my house triple decked
I got a flow that break the internet, so let me interject
The way I move, make 'em wonder where my engine at
That vroom-vroom-vroom-vroom got me on your heads
I'm operating like I'm off my meds
Somebody show me where the doctor is
We leaving n*ggas unresponsive here
Still have yet to see the consequence
I'm Mad Max in the apocalypse
n*ggas flex, let it rock til they pop some sh*t
But when it drops and it stops, no I'm not convinced
If I push and propel, I can move a mountain
A comparison to my flow is a running fountain

[Verse 4]
Took every lesson and learned from it
I done been through some sh*t that you couldn't stomach
n*ggas thought I would fall off, I couldn't plummet
I kept playing my hand, that's a dirty dozen
Feel like DMX, I just don't know what they want
And I might not pop until I'm thirty something
Only thing a n*gga ever needed was the intangible sh*t they can't take from me

All the way in [?]
I just roll another L to get high

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