[Verse 1]
Your strength disgraceful, not a badge of honor
Was scorching hot, Tabasco, Tapatio, blazing sinus
Before that money came, we stressed, we strained and dreamed of commerce
Said Hail Mary, art thy fathers, keep them demons off us
The skeletons people love to hide reside deep in they closets
The well is dry, the water's tapped, leaking less from the faucet
We paid the price to live this life, could care less what it cost us
The results they differ on your effort, how badly you want it
They pilgrimize the peoples mind, now they blind to the phonies
The sacrament is sanctified, it's disguised by the lotus
Distract what's in front of your eyes, with the screen where your phone is
To steal your soul, to take control in a matter of moments
It's the evil components

Living in another lifetime
Navigating with my eyes closed
I been riding with my mind gone
I been floating on a high note

[Verse 2]
For peace of mind I keep my distance, no intermissions
I manifest within this instant, yes I've been persistent
I heard that it's a game of engines, I'll be taking mines
Y'all blowing smoke like Black and Milds
We rolling back to back, a pack of [fat] ain't no regular style
Multiply, we make that paper stack and pile
A politic like Colin Powell, parlour trick like Monica
That silly sh*t we monitor, no eye-to-eye, [no moniker]
We just tryna monetize the art before they conquer us
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