[Verse 1]
Ay b*tch we on again
With the Holy Grail like the Vatican
Old beats, all my bars badder than
I'ma f*ck the beat to death like necrophiliacs
A f*cking masochist, the nastiest
I smoke five blunts, my voice the raspiest
Returning to my throne like I'm Jesus Christ back in Nazareth
You're blasphemous, we crushing like wrecking balls, it's disastrous
Like David and Goliath, a giant is who you clashing with
I never deferred, I wanted to rise, I wanted to soar, I wanted to fly like a bird
I've been in my bag, I been in the zone, I live in a different world
They try to compare me to some of these n*ggas but I got a vision for sure
I'm lifted, gifted, it's repetition
I battle with myself like I'm practicing exhibition
What's the mission?
I fill the room with smoke like bad emissions
I'm eating with the sharks, I'm not in the pond with the fishes
It's delicious, this sh*t'll get vicious
My n*gga sadistic and we gone of the fumes
What we consume is too elicit

That a bird or plane in the sky I see
My sh*t is too sick, I think I need a few I.V's
If you got loose lips then please do not come round me
I'm tryna keep my ship sailing for eternity
You understand n*gga?
Goddamn, all my sh*t in high demand n*gga
From where I stand, it's looking like I'm the man n*gga
Said everything went exactly the way I planned n*gga
So we been ready to go, go, go
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