Out the Gym lyrics




I became accustomed
Eating these beats like I’m sitting at a luncheon
b*tch don’t rush me
Roll enough weed 'til a n*gga don’t function
I been in the dungeon
Cooking this heat, sh*t smell like fungus
sh*t is disgusting, uhh
Flows gon’ hit like a million punches
[What if sh*t paid off?], I ain’t never take one goddamn day off
[?] got laid off
Had dreams of the cream, won't fiend like Madoff
Running like a madman, running like a madman
Tryna maintain, tell ‘em all keep up
Running like a madman, running like a madman
Tryna maintain, tell ‘em all keep up

[Verse 1]
I been tryna maintain through the madness, the average, the dream of the lavish
Living like a n*gga never had no limitations
I was tryna make it to another destination
Had to tell them motherf*ckers, set they reservations
n*gga hot, more ventilation
But the temperature is rising up
The vision bright, it might blind you but
I ain’t never been inclined by much, I’m a diamond bruh
Soft silk in the lining of
A cadillac I push it farther than
Gods or men, a lane that you never been in
Looking timid with your vision, I can tell you pretend
A tentative stance, your chance to last, it been [grim?]
Attempt to grasp it all, really beyond them
The writing's been on the wall to read but y’all skim
Didn’t attain it overnight my n*gga, I been here
The [?], the one that you’re never convincing
These flows of no conviction, got a cold addiction
I been on a soldiers mission, I’m opposed to the contradictions and the consequences
All that sh*t is non-essential, tell them motherf*ckers check the credentials
n*gga we ain't living in suspension, had to fix the Wi-Fi connection
Got a n*gga feeling resurrected, my god
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