"Kids on a Leash"


Ain't no comparison, this sh*t a rarity
Came outta Maryland, moving with clarity
Tell 'em I get it, I tell 'em I go and I tell 'em I'm taking my time
We was never living confined, had to put it on the line
Tell 'em get the f*ck back
Swinging with my back against the wall
Get the f*ck back
My attitude was motherf*ck 'em all
Get the f*ck back
They ain't never showed no love
Matter of fact them motherf*ckers never even showed up

[Verse 1]
Running through mazes, ran out of patience
Feeling like I need to adjust the navigation
Allow me to vindicate as I vanquish
Elimination, illuminating, lost in the sensation
I'm ignoring the temptation
I avoided the same frustration
We was at the bottom on the road trying to find our station
Looking for a sign that would save us
Feeling like time is escaping
The days pass by with the faintest of fragrance
The will to minimalize the struggle, face it
And tell 'em to renown, have faith, have patience
I'm living like I'm in a competition, I'm racing
I'm competing with myself, I gotta keep up with the paces
[Running?] with the crowd that fit the mold, that's basic
I'd rather go against then with
Right back on my sh*t
They been waiting for the old me
Can't confine, can't control me
I ascend to the heights where the air is thin
Fought the fights when the sh*t looked grim
Rock bottom, I seen the end
No Dwayne Johnson, no UPN
No helping hand that these people lend
I still proceed to go gets it in
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