Tell 'em we eat, we feasting, hell it's not no problem
Wonder why a n*gga had to go so hard, I ain't have no options
Got sick of the bullsh*t that I never tolerate, it made me nauseous
Gotta watch for the snakes in the grass, I cut the head off of a serpent
sh*t I had to tell them motherf*ckers I'm working
Grinding, stacking, better yet building
Get lost in the lights you might
I want my name on the front of the goddamn building
I'ma make it out if it don't kill me
Cold blooded I ain't got no feelings
Had to tell thеm motherf*ckers I'm working
Grinding, stacking, bettеr yet building

I been on a quest for weeks, I'm in need of the necessities
I'm feeling like money ain't enough for me
A one of one, a diamond in the rough is what you see
A n*gga been cooking everything for the seed
Allow me to proceed and prosper, please call a doctor
They taking n*ggas out, it's the graveyard or locked up
Your third eye blind, they been blocked your chakras
All of this sh*t is fake, these are actors with Oscars
We want the high life with the caviar and the lobsters
The type of sh*t that they put in the movies with the mobsters
A couple loony n*ggas off of they meds in the Mazda
Conversating conspiracy theories, plotting the contra'
Mausoleums they built for the god of war, he's a monster
Monetizing Obamas and mazel tov to the problems
A man that made more than the minimum of the profits
I told them motherf*ckers I got it
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