Have a seat let em settle n don’t be scared
If this is just a settlement then settle with thirds
I sat up nights writing don’t get the credit i deserve
I’m the one sending references I’m who edit them words
I don’t ask to be credited i just check for the debit deposit observe
While you sit and observe i just service for all them platinum hits
And the live jam
You know
Let there be light was gods plan
You think i jot with god hands
I was being a handyman hamburger helper for the logo
Jumped in the meek beef just for the promo
I guess this how the show go when you show low respect for those who respect and neglect you i was the first Adonis
I made you pop you ain't tell the world who i was
Stay quiet chillin was mad but held back ain't have the right feelings
Just know when they too fake you write with em don’t like with em
You tight with em you stuck in the hype well they just tell you to type
Don’t get the invite to the mansion party
I see how did you do i had the location got it from nunu?
You asked me to come and battle at the function don’t f*ck with the sunken place
Its just a taste i ain't f*ckin with u
Oh we got some problems
Told u i was working with triple xxx don’t reply to my texts
Now that he died i regret not sending a verse back
But whats even worse you know who came and tried to murk that boy
Oh I’m talking too much trail that I’m walking too much
See the youth die that sh*t is sick they coughing too much
Trolling so i can take control of the stalkers who stuck
Algorhythems down in my crowd decision notice all the trolls got big while my sh*t the lowest
Im superman to these b*tches to get the attention then i gotta save em
That is why i behave dumb that is why i became some type of internet clown under the stairs they hate me for clowning but follow those with colorful hair
69 ways to block me was they being c*cky I’m just too sick dog the rabies done got me
Scabies is hockey the babies is watts see what i see not an option think
Of watts see racks on racks keep it a stack at the top
They keeping the black owned black plot
Blacks dont rap about black owned stacked property
n*ggas dropping albums making cracks on pack poverty whats sad is the fans think its a great song but why none of y’all helping out akon?
Light work for the homeland you’re probably in your mansion chopping lobster
One trip back to the homeland waka flocka
Give it all back chains cars all that let a n*gga see its no slave ships we aborigine history lies the mystery rise mister reading his books but reading still is the trap native is the tongue hung english
Olde english we finding for tall cans
Oh man y’all meant evil
Every nook felt different god said he made all men equal
Capital steez progidy triple x left eye odb the anomaly every n*gga that spoke up for our people got a deco
Home depo
Mexican I’m hoping its work i have been to focused
I’m ready to die for being outspoken I’m conscious but still loccin
Im crippled but still a stand up n*gga without the crutches
No marching with my hands up tell my people we better let the cans up to get rid of the cancer
Its the only answer iverson i have been surviving in the slum dodging rivals who love thuggin its crazy how the enemys is really my blood cousins
My cousins bleed the same we thug from kids
No matter how much you crippin when you get shot you need blood to live
Its vital fido dog will stay by the bodies
Shorty load up the shottie one shot then we come up short
Webster haul don’t expect to to ball in the circle the feelings arise you’ll homiesll hurt you see the curfew you get in your feelings nigagsll curve you you show your street side don’t let beef slide
Slippery cow on the east side
Its crazy how the east coast love me but the east coastersll slug me
Killin thugs in my circle show no pity
My city go silly for color purple
Get a glimpse we cry in the purple rain
Screaming that beezy really the prince
Believe me the prince he left n the beezy live
We staving for leaders lead bulimic bulimia see the kids throw up sign
We grow up fine on the grapevine
When my partnas move chop got the tools
Its ironic how when our cribs die we got the blues
Well moby di*k thought the killing living would get old
Give praise to the bricks
Itll only leave you with missed goals
The project goverment profit off ? f*ck the profit
Boyz n the hood

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