"Dundash Squars"

[Verse 1]

Why would you test me and say that you blessed me, say that you fed me/
You must’ve been snitching boy I been itching to let lead speak/
How did you pop when we all knew you was a deadbeat/
You look alive on your block around those squares, and y’all let n*ggas in this position with McDonald’s hair
/Plenty clowns with Big Mac’s, but I don’t care
/It’s just another death, get him outta here/
Oh they ain’t listening, making these listings of Top 50’s without my mentioning boy I must go at you/
God bless you with rapping your talents are scripted, you see what this Crip did/
It get cryptic, I’ll cripple the greatest... One of the largest rappers really my biggest of fans/
Don’t doubt me, but I don’t see him as competition, labels back end/
Every battle I had, you paid to back it, why would you front in the forefront what is all this for, okay/
You running sh*t, but you been running man challenging rappers/
Running mans a challenger, dodging rappers this caliber, Excalibur/
I would swore that this talent pool cool, you can have the floor/
I’m still creating these flows, oh you get the baddest whores pregnant/
This segment a segue, you came to Will to get that last beat but you was ass cheeks don’t get yo ass beat/
You in Day way, day one songs looking tricky pick me, cash me out you in position that’s what you rappers choose to rap about/
You having fun, but you funnel prisons with your prism lyrics/
Standing here, but I still don’t hear it/

[Verse 2]

Vlad got em thinking that I am one of the Goof Troops, just wait/
Every foe I had all got hit wit the .22 it’s Grape/
Segregated from old ways when I went back to Mapquesting/
Cats question my sanity when I have black questions/
I can’t rest, knowing who rested, I’m not interested/
Some have survived but see the rest dead and some get arrested/
Stuck in the slump, questioned all that my OG’s have taught me/
Got me thinking what if this is really the police who taught me/
It’s Pita rolls on the payroll orchestrate and create funeral orchestras/
Well it ain’t no orca present, Willie was gifted before he got lifted off of  the rocks chasing that white kid face in the projects sniffin’/
Every dope line that I write for him this sh*t is different he told me be dope never do dope stay on a mission/
But these hoes legs gave me suspicion, they walking in thongs, but crack all in my home it’s levels to raise/
One came for roaches and one to approach us hoping Watts is culture shocking/
We stuck with the vultures, coppers, locc’ers, hop in the whip and it’s drive by’s right on our cousins/
Stuck in hard, ride by firing bussin’ the firemen rush in/How we expect the help when the firemen are Russian?/
Remembered they sprayed us when was fussing/
'bout our equal rights, but I don’t write equal for whites who evil, I evolved my hatred/
I know this all is The Matrix/

[Verse 3]

Mink coats make us think goats, but that’s when a animal dies/
Life in or out, who in the mood for some animal fries/
Beef cooking, shooken the planet with heavenly wordplay/
Can’t no n*gga say that he birthed Day I age for the better gambling for the cheddar/
Bobbing for apples, these are Snapple facts what you rap hoes rapping Rabbi’s/
Philly our eyes, God’s Plan maybe mistaken, I never beefed with Canadian Bacon, awakened/
Too many diamonds in the rough they under pressure they dying to shine/
Implying that rough living and tying to Spot if I psychos white folks buy it, they love us talking bout us killing each other/
Look whose signing us that’s a sign know Assyrian trusting/
You heard my Leakers sh*t we just in incredible moments/
Gaining credibility as I come with every song lit/
Heavy as heavenly Horus amongst the China harvesting never went to Harvard the hardest in the artist bracket/
Rap, sh*t a artisan, fiery diary why would you try me you diarrhea cats boy I been running sh*t for too long/
Pep talking with Pepto boy let go/
Your bark don’t scare nobody they sell your kind at PetCo/
It’s easy to sell out when you a sell out from the set though, our sets different in action/
Acting for traffic if you get to read Lyt then it might become some static/
Shocking, this black boy electrifying oh they done let Watts in/
How do you not expect me to tower over who not kin/
Had Cuzzin’s knockin’ me since I got in the game, but look at my door, all of em knockin/
Straight to exit, tickets are must sold out the shows I go straight to the Flexin/
I don’t check in when they bring checks in, just hit songs/
The way I’ll write is what I depend on, the best tend to notice it I’m the one who they owed this placement/
Tired of sleeping in the coldest basement/ (yeah)

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