"Bible Verses"


I woke up to being awake and seeing how men is sleeping/
Many dreaming about this dream redeem it’s penny streaming/
Tidal have rivaled my enemies demons break the cycle/
Break the record, the hell if vinyl (I Know)/
Who’s controlling socials, styling algorithms who blocked me bro/
Behold the more go, leaves, its the Jungle Book below the photo/
Just the The Wizard of Oz dog, but what’s the Toto/
Serial killer inferior dairy/
Most of these fruits be forbidden but here we go buried/
Call the popos, I been to poor to call anything that’s a no no/
I say no to the ones that be taking notes/
Taking quotes, you’re great as they great escape, Day the GOAT/
Gave em small data enlarged batters then bat em/
Plan to go atom, I create all things that matter/
You, flatter me how with your bladdery cycles/
Urine a cyclone, oh they get p*ssed when I cut the mic on/
I have, Caspered singles for some of the greatest/
Some of my throw away sh*t your fans coming to play this/
Come with a play dawg make a play but don’t play with this play cause Day the sh*t/
Your favorites get swallowed hollow earth is my motto/
I been underground slumbering thunder have come to revive us/
n*ggas look too comfortable to run though, become a survivor/
It’s in my destiny, child of God I’m the only son/
You ain’t my homie, you owe me one and my homies son/
Better call 40 you Jody n*ggas prevailing with the b*tching/
To you I am Melvin in the kitchen, that’s/
One hell of a step pop, I told you/
The one who control can’t control you, I know you the old you/
Valvoline gas, they have passed you the Pro Tools/
Rapper eaters, levels break the meter, I have mastered with Goku/
Day eat through these fake beefs play stakes I have fasted on tofu/
Told you be vegan you leaving me hanging/
Won’t be no tree teas being planted I mean this is pain with/
All of the calling I have done for you alcoholics is respiration/
I’ll tell my side and y’all all calling in desperation/
To stop these entities censory deprivation prepping desperado/
Modeled this Earth with Merkaba projections map corrections/
Google Map is the app protection Lyft my appetite/
Look they Apple us all but you signing these likens/
Lot of sh*t, y’all wolfing and I am positive plus/
I have noticed your negative ways, you n*ggas line hold up that’s a negative sign, dashing em/
Break out, lets be rational, who gon bump this new sh*t?/
To then you G but to me you seeming real punky Brewst-ish/
Outing then fairies lil house on the prairie/
Oh y’all had white girl, it’s scary, y’all real Tyler Perry’s/
b*tch n*ggas who rich, figured they pitch all the youth this mentality/
Reality of b*tches get all you to be casualties/
Not thinking casual, actual minds, factual/
I must come and ask through the back of the line, tactical/
Pens held up with the greatest of all/
Write for myself I created evolve/
I type for myself, right? They let Lyt in and get enlightened/
n*ggas frightened, all our babies is out here fighting/
n*ggas biting, catching cases by ten/Attention: History don’t cherish the feet of America these n*ggas hating we the ghostwriters for this civilization/
Should I rap some more, perhaps I should tap in the time of Dark Ages/
Pages stole from Bible boy the book of Enoch, oh don’t play with/
Crooked Vaticans I have had enough of you Dracula’s/
Since the game became Blood’s they been up and attacking us/
Drink, it’s to blacken us feeding they circle/No more following Jeezy people, I’m teaming with Urkel/
Smart Guy, all y’all cats promoting the death of Nipsey but not the mission/
Am I to mention y’all clout chasing for competition/
Y’all got the power he got but y’all ain’t empower us/
Afraid to tell the youth what is right, but y’all on some coward stuff/
Move, you too cool to show em the truth/
Another spoof who love to go in the booth, lose/

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