"Green Eyed Lady (Freestyle)"

At this point, I'm starting to lose count
But we still here though, still


You can find me out here kinda lost off mark saying kill em all
Don’t remind me how f*cked we are they out here trying to build walls
I'm out here trying to feed my fam not beef with man over a piece of land

Still You can find me out here kinda lost off mark saying kill em all
I'm a limey with Miami plans you don’t want us to get involved
You don't want us to lay the hand that could change a mans whole ancient plan

I just walked up out of the triple A
And I meant to say that this city's bathing in a sinful glaze
That I'm swimming in like Minute Maid
Got a minute for me I can get engaged
I don't need those rule books
For the pop stars with the cool looks
I'm a pop off for the mood crooks
They like pop tarts i'mma rude cook
So run again try to get away from
The bang bang gang got a lot of ya'll lost in
24 more metaphors got records on my dial
I been on a betting war with Tibetan lords
That’s how how it all went down
Putting more severed raw like epic war in the repertoire oh wow
They been like seven dwarves all getting forced
To just get a whore and clean house cold
Return to innocence image crafted will the ill intent
Of getting finished masters with a bit of cents
I don’t need a mansion just get the rent
And i'll be fine
I ain’t trying to leave here till time
For me to pack my things and drink the wine
Till that day i'll just blow your mind
I got tour plans round the corner
Albums right round the bend
They might know Kendrick or Joyner
They ain't heard a lot about Ben
I never had a big deal with Warner
I never danced round to pretend
I never gave y'all any warnings
Never duped out any friends
I been bouncing round like a pinball
Trying to get me a grip
Getting off flipping that thin wall
I’m quite special when lit
Make em bounce back like Ping Pong
Got it right flexing in the wrist
Seen rap turn into a dim hall
I'm lighting up in this b*tch
Get informed or get it going to go
Let it form the critics born to blow
Bet it storms the medic scorned the show
Wrek it worn the freshest porn for flow
Slamming hard the manic bars you know
Panic rooms on planet pyune are cold
Savage doom for avid rooms of soul
That'll do the avenue is bold
That'll screw em out of any gold
That'll ruin plans they had before
Anytime they say that the GOAT
I'mma give em something they can goad
Now they wanna get it but I no they wouldn't win it
Anytime I get up in it it's a missile to the dome

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