"Lifted (Remix)"

[Intro: TJ Holland]
So getting lifted is the only way I get away now
Getting lifted is the only way I get away now, yeah, yeah
Talk to myself like don't be who they want you to be
Oh no they just don't want you to dream
Oh no they just don't want you to

[Verse 1: TJ Holland]
Ay look, I can't deny I got a gift
I can't put fate inside cause waiting time does not exist
I learned to take my time to take what's mine I'm tryna get
But before the date I shine, there's things inside I gotta fix
I know you think I'm polished now but save the compliments
Bruh conserve your conversation, you could save the politics
Cause ain't no one gon' listen the things that I'ma spit till
Almost half of everything I say that I'ma get comes
Yeah, they only love you when you got it
But they don't wanna love you when you getting there
But they got all this love for you they promise
But when you want the love is when it disappears
Just know that when I got it cousin, I don't want surprises
If you thought of love, I'll dodge it when it's in the air
But if you got a product, I'ma give it to my partner
He gon' hit you back I promise it's just business yeah
That's even for a benjamin amount aye
When's the last time I even been in this account
I wanna reach the point I don't remember which account
My friends tell me that my lyrics worth ridiculous amounts
And luckily for me, my friends encouraged me to do this
With support man, you never know what I might be
But not only do I gotta fight myself to do this music
There's some people that I gotta ask, why fight me?
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