Golden Vessel

"Stateside (feat. Akurei"

Running around, talking about everything past stateside
Moving passed, tripping up, you and i, not implied
I think i heard around these parts, that’s where they go to die
Where they lay softly in texan dirt, purified

Let’s jump on a train or hitchhike
As long as you are there
Or hold tight on the back of your bike
I don’t really care

What if we just stay put
(i want to push them all down)
Turn off slow down we should
(cause i don’t know any better)
Build a house and settle
(i want to find a new town)
In a good neighbourhood
(could this here get any better?)

On that chit-chat
Does it get any better than that?
Long days like an insomniac
Miss me and i could double back to
I’m well aware that i could misconstrue
Every conversation that i have with you
Just wish that i could share this road with you
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