Golden Vessel


I’d jump in my car
To see you
If there was a road
That reached through
I guess if it’s done
Took that shot
Could you place me back
In that spot?

Good wasting our time together
With you by my side forever
Good chasing the time together
With you by my side forever
(until time caught up and spat us out)

Is it foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?
I want forever, is it forever, i’d like foreverrrrrr?

Let’s go, woo

And it gets a bit like this sometimes
When you wonder why it dries
When it’s raining outside
And your cheek turns red
And you probably cry
Yeah, good try
And you wonder why goodbyes
Always leave you so tired
And you wanna know why
You wanna know why, yeah
You wanna know why
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