Dead lyrics



[Verse 1: OmenXIII]
Every [?] a live
I just feel like I'm dying
I don't have no f*cks to give
I just keep living my life
I need a backwood a smoke
I need to sip on some wine
I feel just like Imma ghost
I don't have to being alive
I don't got to go outside
I sit in approving my pride
I wake up in day and night. Why?
I just got to open my blinds
Please, don't look at my eyes (Eye)
I do not want you to die
You know that I got that knife (Knife)
I just got to put it aside
Spirits are moving my every command
The [?]
I'm aside, the king of the demons

[Verse 2: Xann Pierre]
What's the difference between life and death?
For unknown, im nothin dead
I had voices in my f*ckin head
I pack that rooka
A f*cking shoota
If they run up I will shoot 'em
Guess, all black rookah
And I'm in my CD movie
I'm packing movements
LSD is hella palin
The best could pour em
It got me going big
b*tch im riddin with the five
Can't believe that I'm alive
Just stuck up with demise
Xanny drowned me, i can't sleep
And nobody bought me
And nobody stopped me
Get [?]
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