"Wednesday Afternoon"

[Verse 1]
Yeah, back at it to rap Soundcloud on a bad day man
That jumpman remix was ass I could tell when I recorded that
I quit the trap that sh*t is just whack
f*ck all those drugs and lye I was trying to attack
Nahban from the outside say hello to me again
My rhymes are going to be sharper then MC Ren’s
NWA that sh*t old we’re the new rock an roll
Kanye thinks he is but he forgot about us though
Freestyling over a beat and I’ll go harder then Lebron
That homie balling up like there is no Don Jon
Yeah, this is not no introduction to my rap
Yall gotta wait for my mixtape for that crap
I ain’t playing when I say that I’m a drop this
Yall think that i’m saying this for some business
f*ck the money, that sh*t just ain’t for me
I’m talking slang but yall think I say it formally
Rhymes about to burst through your brain like it’s nothing
Hookless song with a beat now that’s something
This is sh*t you don’t hear on the radio
Turn of your stereo and go on to my page bro
I ain't planning for some direction on this poetry
All you other homies always trying to sober me
I ain't drunk or high off my ass when I record
Save that time later when I feel bored
48 Bars almost ready to go
Straight rap don’t go homosexual though
I got love for gays don’t take me seriously
Please me

[Verse 2]
Second verse no hook man they confused how this works
Yall start thinking when I same some conscious sh*t, that hurts
I’ve been changing the game since I was five
Recorded all this rap sh*t and played it out live
This is no diss track to them hittas who didn’t f*ck with my remix
Yall can't understand how to achieve true greatness, f*ck the six
Mixtape, Mixtape, Mixtape coming out next sunday
Now yall patiently waiting for that to come ayy?
Repeating lines like it ain’t nothing to deal with
I don’t f*ck with people that trynna f*ck with fake sh*t
Get your ears out for the new beginning as I try to change the rap game
Underground, 14, I don’t need any fame
Leave my past as history, b*tches always seem a mystery
Solving puzzles with words missing puzzle pieces
Everyone getting rid of them peanut filled reeces
Preview of my mixtape, you’re just hearing the first of it
That’s the time you’ll find out of my mischievous hit list
11/11/15 thats the date this came out
Put that on a recorder and i’ll put you to shame now

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