Coldest n*gga alive, I'm so cold
You n*ggas get on my nerves, you're so old
Easy, yeah, alright

[Verse 1]
I baited my whip in the vid like a prick, now I'm carless (Cold)
Now it's a Uber ting, I've still got this regardless (Cold)

Who? What? Them man there? Nah, them man are harmless (Cold)
I just went to the park with my friends and I charted (Wow)
I have never been a victim, never been a target (Cold)
The girls love this sh*t, yeah, they love it like Barfest (Cold)
#Merky the label, I'm coming like Darcus (Cold)
I was on the roads when Giggs made "Talkin' Da Hardest"
Look, rudeboy, done him on sight (Yeah)
One time, check two, bun him on sight (Yeah)
n*ggas ain't brave, I can see it in your face
Let me tell you 'bout the days I was running on a hype like
Who are you? Where you been? Where your snow line?
Where your stacks? Where your strap? Where your crow line?
Big pump, don't stunt when it's showtime
Kinda funny how I didn't need a cosign
Shut your mout, you ain't squeezing (Aye)
pus*y boy, I just leave him (Aye)
I've been cold the whole season (Aye)
I should call my next one "Freezing" (Cold)
Touch the mic, then just wheel 'em (Aye)
You man have got too much feelings (Alright)
Late night, I'm at Mac-D'sing (Alright)
Filet-o-Fish and I'm breezing (Skrrt, bang)

Ain't dropped nothin' for a minute, I'm fine (Cold)
Roll to the booth, then I bill it with rhymes (Cold)
Know a couple OG's that are living off crime (Cold)
But a young black boy made a milli' off grime (Wow)
So tell Boris Johnson, "Suck your mum, we don't care" (We don't care, bruv)
And tell them riot feds, "Oi, buss your gun? You won't dare" (You won't dare bruv)
All my young black kings rise up, man, this is our year (Our year)
And my young black queens right there (Right there)
It's been a long time coming, I swear
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