"First Things First"


[Verse 1]
All right, first things first, I've been putting in the work
I'm a rebel with a cause (With a cause)
Had problems with the fam, I had problems with the gang
But I put that sh*t on pause (Put that sh*t on pause)
I've been gone for a while but I saw you n*ggas smile
When I cancelled all my tours (Little pussies)
Someone tell 'em that I'm back

I don't never ever slack, grab my gun and go to war (Boy)
I got brothers up in jail, going mad up in their cells
When you hear me, bang your doors (Bang your doors)
n*ggas moving chatty, someone tell 'em that I'm scatty
Bro, I'll pull up uninsured like (Skrr)
Running through my strip, rappers jumping on my di*k
Just to build up a rapport (That's embarrassing)

I can tell them man are bitter
But they're begging it on Twitter, man, I swear I'm so appalled (So appalled)
Before he takes a shot, I'll shoot him first (Shoot him first)
And poor mum, we was going through her purse (Through her purse)
We were doing road and doing church
Looked the devil in his face like, "motherf*cker, do your worst"
Still here tryna find another blessing
I'm over-loyal, man, I'll ride for what I'm repping
Dark times, n*ggas dying in recession
You was fighting with your girl when I was fighting my depression, wait
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