Zombies ( Vegetation:Track 2 )

Verse 1

Levitated, we elevated
The presence is great
Taking the elevator
Looking out the window and I see all the L’s you're taking

I assume you want to smell the roses… but you can't wake up so smell you later
This is my wake and bake

Patience in me deciding where I should change the pace
Paint my chimney so Santa has a hard time telling where I be trying to kill him
Rhymes got high power like they came from a chillem
Sitting on cloud 9 or at least on top of this building
Ain't no metropolis, but I was top in the Village
Top Dog, Top Cat, even the Top Reptilian
Rap life addiction, like a crack pipe was engine
You crack me the f*ck up… putting lines in the sentence

…. To say that I'm off putting is an understatement. I'm raw cooking. Find saws to chop up the bars and explain them all to you… you lost rookie
I learned from the hood that I got to apply effort to impress
Never rest until my good is better and my better is best
Pushing the pedals to a pulp… . Pulling the levers … that's usually a sign I'm about to do some sh*t that's truly clever

Assuming bester
Here comes something new and festive
Holihayday 2. Holihadeuce, knowledge great…
Going to college? Notre Dame

Don't ask me questions while I rap…
Lesson 1: I'm known to slay
Lesson 2: I'm here to stay
There’s no lesson 3…
I don't want you to think less of me
But my recipe, is something extra see
I couldn't give you this weaponry
I'm good at using pencils for heckory
Light as the feathers be, and yet
I bring heavy flow like you missed a pregnancy
Exorcism of the better emcee because I am the best, that wouldn't have affected me
Shook up like the opponents of Mobb Deep
Everywhere I look… everybody is a zombie
Everybody seems to rely on their f*cking technology
Verse 2:
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