"Fall’n Stars"

She want it all
We gonna ball babe
Forget the cost
We falling stars
We get it all


She wanna ball
Come ball with stars
She want it all
I got it all
Get what you want
We gonna ball babe

She wanna ball
Come ball with stars babe
She want it all
We fallin stars babe
I got it all
Get what you want babeeeeee


I want it all
Ball out like Paul
Yea yea
Butterfly doors
All on the lamb
Yeaaaa yea
Call what you want
We falling stars

If I ain't have it
You'd be laughing
I'm living lavish

I wished apond a star
Push itto start
I gotta have it yea

Flew out the brampton
Let go of some baggage
You couldn't imagine
Cause you was a distraction

Subtract the fraction
Allow the attraction
Want some expansion
Prolly a mansion

Somewhere in Hampton
Maybe in Latin
She call me her captain
Give her action

Stack up my cabbage

My last ex text meee
I ain't get the message

Prolly the reception
Somewhere in paris
Rock out like Elvis
Count on my blessings

Speak what you seeking
Till you recieve it
Then you believe it

Not what you seeing
You gotta see it
Just to receive it

Trust me

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