"YouTubers Who Don’t Suck: A Compliment Track (Not a Diss Track)"

They all started out without goals of fortune or fame
Just making content in their bedroom and look what it became!
Phil DeFranco, you're keeping it real
Digging faster, driving deeper into the heart of our culture's deal
Molly Burke and Jessica KF
Voices in understanding disability, capability
Girls, you're outstanding!
Vlogbrothers (DFTBA), you know what that spells
Watching SciShow and Crash Course? I'm gaining brain cells!
And Koshy, you've got puns for days
Mix and match the choicest witticisms, words and phrases
Go for days and
With Jet and Helga by your side
There's nothing you can't turn simply inside out with funny
Want sunny? Try Brian, voice of honey
Hull is always making us remember what's worth more than money
Like Nathan Zed and Jon Cozart
Who don't post a lot...
But remain two of the most thoughtful humans this industry has got

This is a compliments track
It's not your average diss track
But it sounds just like a diss track
But it's a compliments track
For the YouTubers who don't suck
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