"A Song For My Fans"

Every week, I go to my P.o. box
And seeing all your letters there, it rocks my socks
'Cause little songs for you, it’s the least I can do to
Show my deepest thanks for you being you

All the way from sweden, a little something sweet in this package from Steven
Let's give him a shout
This Swedish jacket, it's so warm and black
It’ll end up in a video, I have no doubt

Another package comes all the way from Japan
Some goodies and trinkets make me feel just grand
Laura found my weakness, those Kit-Kats with macha carry me through tech week like "girl, I got ya"

So many awesome artists putting love in the world
Like Levy and Robin making content like me

Here's a handmade ornament from Kenny,a young entrepreneur is awesome to see
Hey Annie, my Mom is from Kentucky too
Cynthia, I'll do a show in D.C. for you
Abby and Lyndon, your art made me fall in love
So now they're hanging on my studio wall

Along with Chloe's British flag
Girl, you're a beam of light
Take a deep breath, and know your future is bright
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