"The Battle of the Idiots: A Rap Battle"

Dragon, what'cha doing?

Trying to make a rap

You know, I think you suck di*k at making raps

Psssh, no I don't you faggot

I think we should have a rap battle because our album doesn't have one of those

Okay, let's go!

You can't make a f*cking song
And your name is super long
And you keep changing that sh*t
I'm really f*cking tired of it
You were "Playing MC" then you were a "Reaper"
Then you're an "Assassin", your viewing rates are going deeper
I mean down
To the ground
Make a big sound
Like "BOOM" if that's aloud
Make a cloud
That will shroud
Everyone you f*cking clown-
-Ing around
You f*cking b*tch
You'll never be found
After this song's sound
Will go around
f*cking your ears
Chugging down beers
Dragon, I'm your biggest fear
When I'm near
Wanna make that clear
You will feel some f*cking sheer
In your brain
You're the one to blame
Cause you're lame
And you can't compete with my game

Shut up you mother f*cker, you are a pile of crap
I'm the one that's best because I can f*cking rap
You f*cking b*tch, you will get a motherf*cking slap
You'll be so lost that you'll need a motherf*cking map
And you're so alone you have to MOTHER f*ckING FAP!

Oh wait, that last line is kinda true
But who sucks di*k? Oh yeah! That's you!
In a ditch
You have to hitch
A ride
On a man's backside
Oh, you cried
And you'll hide
You say it's a girl, well you lied
You almost died
From getting raped in the booty hole
In the basement underground like you are a f*cking mole
Mother f*cker!

Oh shut your mouth, you're the one that got raped
And your belly is an odd f*cking round shape

Wait what's going on? You two are idiots
This rap is terrible please stop it immediate-

You can't possibly
Stop us rapping horribly
Going horridly
Because I'm an atrocity
It's no shock you'll see
Who's the worst rapper? It's me

Dude, I just won

No you didn't

Yes he did

Oh yeah... DAMMIT!

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