"The Rap Chap"

I'm the rap chap and my raps are like slaps to your ear flaps
Ear flap, a slap slap slap
Wait what you don't have ear flaps? Oh (well...)
I'm the rap chap and my raps affect the chaps in your kneecaps (hello)
Kneecap? Chap chap chap!
You don't have chaps living in your kneecaps? Your kidding me. Okay fine
I'm the rap chap and my f*cking raps will make your crotch hands clap
Crotch hands Clap Clap Cla- oh shut up no way so your telling me you don't even have crotch hands. Weirdo. I'm going. Bunch of freaks don't even have hands in their crotches and mouths in their kneecaps

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