"A Song About Nothing"

I wish I had more to report
Or award-winning creations for you to see
They say when it rains it pours
But a light drizzle For now is fine for me

I have no direction nor location
No vision of what I was born to do
My life's a beautiful nothing
But it’s nothing if not shared with you

A penny wouldn't be worth hearing me think
It's not exactly Shakespeare up in there
I’m no Aristotle, Einstein, or Da Vinci
But I wonder if they missed the point somewhere

I'm not making any revelations
My emotions are nothing new
I'm okay with feeling nothing
But I feel nothing if you don't feel it too

I've no breaking news
Nor great reviews
Nor stunning views
To see

I'm not fighting dragons
I'm just biding time
But oh, how inviting
That can be
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