"Face to Face"

I grew up, you grew down, we found out
Everything matters now (Everything)
We grew up while you let yourself down
I want out

[Verse 1]
She calmed me down that night I freaked out
We stayed up, I threw up in that house
She woke up face-to-face from the bed
Two in the en-suite, one in the early
She was like eight hours ahead
Two different countries, slept in a one-piece
Baby boy in full effect

And you couldn't see me, call back, repeat
That's all thanks to poor connection
Fun for me, no
Most time, it's a pain in the neck
I said it's not that fun, see
Everything makes me wanna quit while I'm ahead

She wakes, we face-to-face from the bed
I wish I could be with her instead
When we speak face-to-face from the head
Things go wayward and I end up upset, but

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