"Never Had the Balls"

[Verse 1]
I was lost, felt nothing at all but
I'm coming back now, yeah, I'm in the background
No need to react now that everything's done (But let me say)
I thought it would be simple enough
And I had to grow up
Just to learn all the ways that it's not
But I never thought that I'd wanna call it quits in my whole life
I never aimed to feel confused, I blame myself to tell the truth
But now I know that everything's hard when you're living in the dark
And you don't even wanna see it through
If that had to be the way I'd be feeling for days
And I knew it back then, I probably wouldn't do it

But I never got the chance to tell you
I never had the balls to tell you
No, I never had the balls to tell you

[Verse 2]
I did everything that I could, but still, I was helpless (So helpless)
I shouldn't waste my precious time
On anybody living off of mine
And now I know that things are getting better
I could live like this forever
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
When I found my own way out
Was to open my mouth and be honest
I had to go and do it, yeah
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