"Rock, scissors, paper"

(poem about college date rape)

For little girls
Who believed in paper dolls
Were paper machetes
Made up of flat match boxes
Of the forgotten pastors
Of pastimes

You close your eyes
To pretend he’s not there
But the memories of his touch
Are too outspoken to forgive

Paper covers rock

His hands are cold and timid
He presses your face
Against his body
Pointed at your lips
All you could do is pray
That you will be able to live
Another day

Tears are flowing down
From your eyes
Covers the mark
Of black mascara
Painted on like a black moth

Scissors cut paper

The scent his body
His sweat, cold and tepid
Reminds you of ice melting
In the snow

He forced your legs apart
And forced entry inside of you

Your body pale and frail
You wanted to scream no
But it did not stop the abuse
The pain ripped out your heart
Like a sharp knife slicing a tomato
Your innocence never welcomed madness

Rock smashes scissors

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