[Verse 1: YOSHUA]
Still don't have justice for them
Still can't put my trust in man
Still walking late nights alone and broken
Still keep my heart closed and frozen
Combover, high fade
Cold shoulder, on my day
'Bout the only time I feel myself is then
Bouts of self-esteem I hardly ever win
The deeper that I fall, the deeper that I dig
That's what pastor preacher told the people but
I can't help but wonder if he fibbed
I can't help but question my own sin
Is it so wrong if it feels so right?
We are all perfect in our own eyes
I can't confess so I wrote these raps
I'm just hoping they fill in the gaps

[Bridge: YOSHUA]
Dreaming of pink skies, blue nights, black rain, green lights, no pain
Praying 'til I see the outcome like (ooooh)
Sunsets, cute texts, what's next?
Butterflies in my chest, I'll bet (ooooh)

[Chorus: Gabriel Garzón-Montano]
Your heart thaws, you look to the sky
And soon as your eyes start to rain
You're humming along while she whispers songs of the good life

[Verse 2: YOSHUA]

[Chorus: Gabriel Garzón-Montano]
The pink sky, the blue of the night, and blackberry becomes the rain
Sweet Mami Wata whispers songs of the good life

[Verse 3: YOSHUA]

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