​j. amasula

"Helping hand"

Ain't about the
Ain't about the
Ain't about the
Ain't about the

[Verse 1]
Ain't about the gas
I ain't mean the gas that make ya shuttle go zoom
I ain't mean the gas that they pack into a boom
Ain't about the music but know that it's coming soon, bro
Tidal waves that move around depending on the moon flow
Ain't about the liquor
Ain't about to talk about how quickly people switch up
Ain't about to lie about my feelings, though
That'll make you cynical
That'd make it easier to swallow what I'm sending for
Ain't about the simple stuff
Ain't about freestyling, I need it written bruh
I need 'bout 40 bars of fantasizing
Who I'd be if I could catch a 40-yard pass
Tickets on my dash, not running from the cops
Running from my past, what you sprinting for?

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