Conway the Machine


[Intro: Nicki Minaj & Conway]
Don't ever f*ckin' play with me
Y'all n*ggas know, y'all b*tches know I'm the f*cking queen
You ho b*tches know, you dirty bum b*tches know (Grrr)
Ah, Talk your sh*t, queen
Drop the strings on 'em

[Verse: Conway]
Uh, used the fety to mix the dope up
I whipped the coke up, trap kitchen table, bricks get broke up
If it’s smoke, my dog gon’ lift his toast up
And pull your card like he dealing poker, b*tch, don’t approach us
Baguettes on my wrist and I VS the choker
We talking bread, well I just picked the loaf up
Halal [?], b*tch, my chick in kosher
My money clean as Valentino when I get the loafers
R&B pus*y, I get the most of
Beverly hotel, we sip mimosas
And b*tch, my album ‘bout to drop, that date is getting closer
We at the Roc Nation brunch, all the b*tches chose us
I took some pics with Rihanna, did that sh*t for the culture
I got a model in my suite, pus*y drip when I stroke her
I put some di*k in her thyroids, got her making that Nicki Minaj noise (Grr!!)
You know it’s a foreign as soon as I lift my garage doors
You know we gon’ smoke you for making them diss songs, why you making it hard for you, n*gga
I am the GOAT and I am the dopest
I was just in Miami floating in the Ferrari, I had my hammer close
And I will blam it and let this cannon open and bust your cantaloupe
And I quoted some sh*t so sick, it ain’t no antidote
It is a wrap, neck game is VS’s
Nets game with three felons
Nets game, I’m with Kevin
Next game, I’m with Sevyn

[Hook: Conway]
Yikes, new Benz and it’s white
New Benz from the white, did it big, I’m Dwight
Yikes, pour a [?] of this Sprite
Shooter empty out his pipe
Me and you not alike
Last n*gga tried to diss me in a song, shot the n*gga out of spite
Yikes, hold the pot with my left
Whipped the sh*t with my right, trying to get my money right

[Outro: Conway]
Ah man
sh*t too f*cking easy, n*gga
This what I do, man
I’ma spend this whole year teaching you f*ck n*ggas a lesson, man

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