Conway the Machine

"Laundromat Rap"

Bullets rip your shirt like QueenzFlip
Ish Kabibble was loaded with skirt, bet my team drip
sh*t is hook line and sinker, wringer
It's wet n*gga, nothin' but net
You just a swinger
You f*ck wit' everybody, don't you pus*y?
You n*ggas chuckin' everybody, know you cookies

Bust yo sh*t 'front of everybody if you push me
Chopper bullets knockin' the letters off your Stüssy
I got warrants in 4 states, they tryna book me
But I never turn myself in, I gots to keep it pushin'
I'm just a bully, on the backseat it's the fully, wolves be
Behind the wall, come home big like Tookie
Remember when them n*ggas was tryna overlook me?
Now they say I'm top five, damn look how quick it took me
Yeezy 750's the brown sh*ts, we get the pounds in
Gorilla OG, we flooded the town with

It's always the best women who drown kid
My Port-au-Prince n*ggas splash ya wave
Island n*ggas don't clown b*tch
I bet you wear that fly sh*t you talkin'
N*ggas love me like a father
I'm renowned then you garbage
You the type of n*gga I pass off
You burn the lesson, told you "burn the degrees"
You as*h*le, word to Crescent
I grab the bull by the horns I'm aggressive
And if you move like a pawn I'mma press it
I'm a God you a peasant, I live in the present
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