Hundred Plus lyrics


Conway the Machine

[Verse 1: Benny the Butcher]
I'm what the hustle made, look at me
The judge threw the book at me
Now I charge a quarter joint for a booking fee
And I could fit three, four bricks inside a [?]
Then step on them in them Dior sh*ts without the logo
Y'all n*ggas need help quick, Imma f*ck somebody else b*tch
The f*ck you gonna tell a n*gga that made hisself rich?
Tool to your helmet, that's how n*ggas get dealt with
We wait outside your funeral to get somebody else clipped
You gotta really play the rock like this, you not like this
My big dog told me, "grab thе fork and spin a pot like this"
I snatched a Pyrex by thе handle and then I locked my wrist
And I'll let you have the rest of them if you knock my b*tch
Yeah, I let her stay the night, but she not my b*tch
I fly your baby mama out and let her top my b*tch
Only paper gon' stop my itch
I really did it, they need a clinic for all the haters I got sick
n*ggas 'round you gon' feel like you don't deserve this sh*t
You stay strapped 'cause envy could get murderous
Before rap, we was strong in the hood
I play for keeps though 'cause great lasts longer than good
The Butcher coming, n*gga

[Interlude: Benny the Butcher]
The f*ck n*ggas talkin' about?
You know the Butcher coming
Doot doot doot
Big BSF, Griselda sh*t
[Verse 2: Conway the Machine]
Imma keep me a bank roll, put that on my soul
If there's pressure then [?]
In my tenure, Lord knows how many bricks I sold
My dog still at it, I'm rappin', I took a different road
My n*gga Floyd 'bout to get parole
He been locked up since long white T-shirts and big Girbauds
We get into it when we get a load
Count it and cook it all night, my fingertips hurt and my wrist was swole
Whoa, all the cars was a hundred plus
You take care of your dogs, then you one of us
I seen all this comin' we was comin' up
Maybach G wagon, I f*cked the summer up
That b*tch bad, I got her ass done and tummy tucked
Just to let her know, I ran my numbers up
I came a long way from bagging bundles up
It's a cold world, better bundle up
Sniffin' out the kilo like I'm Al Pacino
Gettin' Rothstein money, b*tch, this my casino
Nobody f*ckin' with me, it's a landslide
I got traps in other cities like I'm franchisin'
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