[Verse 1: Ashnikko]
Riots on the TV, freeway, dirt bike, popping wheelies
They wanna keep it PG, all their daughters wanna be me (Ah)
I'm Georgia peachy, believe me, head out the window, it's breezy
They up my ass like bikinis, I'm not nice, I'm a meanie

[Pre-Chorus: Ashnikko & Slinger]
Ooh, sorry, mom and dad
I did something bad
Please don't get attached
There's no coming back (Break that motherf*****)

[Chorus: Ashnikko]
Break a heart like an eggshell, cardiac arrest, a heart attack (Yeah)
Throw a tantrum, baby, doll me up 'cause I'm a brat
I'm a handful, demidevil, pyromaniac
b*tch, I am one, throw a tantrum

[Post-Chorus: Ashnikko]
b*tch, I am one
Throw a tantrum

[Verse 2: Ashnikko]
Beauty pageant, make it tragic, blood dripping out my nose (Ew)
Leather jackets, bad habits, and we're revvin' to the full (Ah)
Dark magic, cheer captain, cheer my team like, "Go, team, go" (My team)
T-E-A-M-P-S-Y-C-H-O (Team Psycho)
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