[Verse 1]
Rollin' with the punches, breck snack and lunches
[?] in your hand, I got the flavor Cap'n Crunches
Clingin' to the wall like poison ivy and it’s itching
Gulp that H20, make it rain and you’re b*tchin'
Minajissistic attitude, smirkin' at your interlude
Laughing at your lyrics, now you know why they call me rude
Prayin', hopin', if it's ganja, you tokin'
Late on the payments and I'm [?] chain smokin'
Let's jump this beat like a geek in an alleyway
Pin him to the wall, take his munch money anyway
Decipherin' my meaning, a cryptic coded tongue twister
My evil twin's back to attack, I know you missed her
Deck me out in gown like that b*tch Cinderella
Watch your back, in a snap I'll be there to steal your fella

Jumanji ganji, f*ck it 'cause you raunchy
Knock a b*tch out, corn fingers but it's not me

[Verse 2]
And a b*tch flauntin', claimin' she a freak though
Butcher ears of virgins to the sound of Ashnikko
Lickin' his licks to the rhythm, I can tell he's randy
Whisper in my ear with pleadin' puppy-eyes can be
And I'm laughing at you hoes with my girl Sandy
Nod your head to this track and lick it like candy
Hashtag yolo, little b*tch, grow up
Daily grind, hustle, you know she tryna get some
Me and my babydolls dancin' like it's '99
Greeted just to roast you, film it like it's prime time
Some call me the playground bully 'cause I make ya cry
But look a little closer, you'll see right through a naked lie
[?] and we go back to the party
She cheated on her man, now she's screaming that she's sorry
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