Naruto Shippuden


[Intro: Mackned]
This n*gga really just
Hit me on twitter like
Or f*ckin', what is it?
Hit me on Instagram like:
"Do you have a Maserati?"
No n*gga, I might have one, I might not
n*gga do you have a Maserati?
Do you wanna go buy a Maserati n*gga?
Why you askin' me what I got?
I might have a Maserati, I might flex Masi', I might say: "f*ck your Maserati!"
I might ride 'rari, n*gga
You n*ggas do a lotta', a lotta' sh*t

[Verse 1: Mackned and SneakGuapo]
(I'm feelin' damn young)
(I send the b*tch to get a Masi)
(I teach you n*ggas to do the f*ck that I do)
(I stay flexin', I ain't f*ckin')
(Ice in tooth)
(Flexin' Maserati, you know what I'm sayin'?)
(f*ck 'em)
(I can't do that)
(Pull up)
(Pull off)
Mase-rati (Mase, f*ckin' rati)
Yuh, ayy

[Verse 2: SneakGuapo and Mackned]
Let me flex though, give me Os on my face
That's my fashion, it's matchin' how I'm acting, it's dummy (let's go)
I been in my own lane, I finesse, the b*tch
I need drugs I won't touch because I max, my flip (my flip)
I've been wakin' up real early at the crack o' dawn (crack o' dawn)
I break my wish that water weepin' as I tax your ma' (let's go ayy)
Make you work though, I'm in my own section, flex a check though
They look at my with pleasure, I'mma fantasise my own glow
My life ain't right (no way), I'm in my own time (my own time)
Like what the hell they want? I'm in my own damn mind (my own mind)
Last night I went crazy,
'Eason? ayy, for leavin'
Last time she play me bruh, slap that b*tch back to the 80s ayy

[Verse 3: Mackned]
A Mase-rati (Maserati)
She a new thotty
I on't even wanna (nah), ice on my arms (ayy)
Settin' off alarms, I'mma sip quietly (quietly, skrrt)
Maserati, used to steal Molly
Tweakin' off the gold powder with my roof off (with my roof off)
Tweaker lookin' at me laughin' on my iPhone (my iPhone)
I got naked pictures comin' on my trap phone (my trap phone)
The boys find that sh*t, they be jackin' off (eww)
I'mma stay posi', live life regardless
Finesse thousands, and flex dummy (I flex dummy)

[Outro: Mackned]
Mase-rati (ayy)
Mase-rati (I might flex a Maserati)
f*ck Maserati

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