Lightwork Freestyle 2.0 lyrics



[Verse 1]
Yeah, I'm Loose, yeah, I go where I want
Anytime that's 2.0
I've got a ting on the back on the ride called Nina, she knows how to rise and blow
See Narsty, squeeze at throat
See Trizzla, put him in a rizla
Like PS, man, she knows how to blow but she not like dem man, she backs her bros
But I'm p*ssed if I let that happen
No way am I rising my stick on the opps and ride and the mash starts jamming
I got hate for the opps, man's active
Cause madness, get round do splashings
I just prayed to the Lord for my actions that I don't do 25 when I'm landing
I feel like they're talking a lot, but I feel that there's something thеy're missing
LR got-got at Katie's 'cah bro-bro done with fishing
Varnz got chingеd on the mains
Stupid yutes don't wear them slippers
And TB got it too
Wind down windows and swing them chingers
Straight out of dingers
And Fredro got-got times two out on the mains and ordering food
And Lil Dsqueeze got it times two
Bird just parked don't f*ck up my crew
And that snitch yeah got it at the start
Shout out Akz 'cah he knows that me and JB gon' pull up and blast
Max got it in his head, it wasn't even us but we still had to laugh
I've got a light-skinned ting from Brikky
Says she want to feel like the girls from city
Used to be like my white girl Whitney
Chopped up the grub when she picks up the pickney
Got a brown-skinned ting and she with me
Says she want to cash this BK quickly
Jump on bikes, get round, get busy
In 17 I'm with Kwizzy
I just clocked me an opp in seconds
Saw Loosescrew on the back of the wizz and that pus*yhole ran through Lettsom
Cut through the whole of Pecks' and I can't see no-one, you know what's next
The man can't talk 'bout G-check
Need to G-check what they wearing for creps
But my young boy work on the line
Didn't hit it in time, so the boy got fired
This leng one calling me boo
But she f*cks with opps, now I think that she's hired
I'm Loose, I'm tapped, I'm wired
Had in first, then fling in reverse
Best run when you hear them tires
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