"On Top Real Soon"

Verse 1:
I be climbin' to the summit, I be feenin' for the clout
Got this lane all to myself, you better pick a different route
I had all the odds against me, now you look at me in envy
Take a look at all my benjys, f*ck a hater showin' doubt
I been on my grind for hours gaining power and some b*tches
Hope I got some sh*t you down with homie, I ain't never quittin'
You been wishin' you had digits, but ain't make a move to cop it
Ticket sales got no limits, I just said they ain't gonna stop
I been pummelin' the mumblers and bringin' lyrics back
They put rappers on a pedestal, but most of them are wack
I be loaded with the flow, and I'm going to be a goat
I'm devoted to bein' known, think I'm chosen for dope tracks
I just came into the game, but I still got yall impressed
Ain't nobody know my name, yet I'm thinkin' I be next
And soon on both the coasts, on the East and on the West
Youll know about Yung Money Mesc. YES!

I run this sh*t, you best bow down to the king
Spittin' flames just like a god, don't seem new
I be climbin' man, and don't you say a thing
I'm on track to be a don, man I'm on top real soon

Verse 2:
I been settin' all the bars, number 1 on all the charts
Full of glee I got the key to her pus*y and her heart
Naw, I'm lyin', but I'm fantasizin', hoe dont leave my cryin'
When you want something and try it, man, imaginings a start
I imagine record sales like a hundred million hits
Probably gonna wanna rail every time I sign a tit

Every time I bust a flow, man, all the b*tches wanna bone
If I keep flowin', then Ill never be alone. Naw

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