[Verse 1]
Seven months and a day
But you still keeping me in the grey
Don't know why you never stay
Shouldn't touch if you know it could break
'Cause you f*ck with my time
Are you f*cked in your mind?
Are you okay? Oh
Every piece that you take
Leaves the rest of me fading away

'Cause I'm cold in your jacket
But I still let you wrap it around my skin
I don't believe in your magic
But I fall for it time and time again

I'm taking off my makeup
I ain't gonna wait up
So you can let me down
Now I'm feeling stupid
Don't know why I do this
f*cking me around
Said you'd be here around midnight
But now it's closer to daylight
You're turning seconds to minutes
In seven more I'll be finished
Make me count down seven to one
And trust me baby, I'm gone
In seven more minutes I'm gone
I'm gone, I'm gone, I'm gone
In seven more minutes I'm
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