Herbert Grönemeyer

"Mensch (English Version, feat. Bono)"

[Verse 1: Grönemeyer]
Every second has a reason
As the time slides away
Changing with the season
Just following the race
No need to be final
I put my thoughts on hold
Daydreams at the water
As the tide ebbs and flows

[Chorus: Grönemeyer, Bono & both]
And it’s all ok
I’ll take it day by day
This is summertime
There’s nothing on my mind
And a man’s called man
’Cause we forgive and understand
We forget and we deny
We’re losing, still we try

‘Cause we love
‘Cause we live
I miss you

[Verse 2: Grönemeyer, Bono & both]
Skies blue, wide and open
Not a shade or trace of grey
A telephone, gas, electric
Unpaid, what can I say
Let us share the silence
What on earth can occur

I am not looking for commitment
Just give me your word
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