Loyle Carner


[Intro: Knucks]

No days off

[Verse 1: Knucks]
I stand out like a black man in Kazakhstan
From when men get [?] if they ain't have plans
As that stands
I know the ropes like my backhand
Ain't trynna sit here chasing ghosts
Like I'm PacMan
Really from the [?] soil
[?] on the boil
My shawty act rashed
Man she spoiled
I like her 'cause she loyal
Like Loyle
Wrap the [?] up in foil
We actually royal
You're listening to kings
Where the hell is [?]
Listen in the wind
Rappers feeling bad because
They n*ggas in the bin
But they ain't on business
They was chickеn on the wing (Haha)
Liquor to the brim
Lost in the ashtray
Mind moving slow
I control, alt and backspacе
Couldn't f*ck with me and Loyle on a bad day
Boiled like a cat, man
A show for your rat race
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