The Wicked Ones lyrics



[Verse 1: RAMIREZ]
As I'm creepin out the shadows and I open up the gates of hell
Pumpin' up my shotty, fillin' him up with these shotgun shells
Flying in my hearse, and I throw their bodies in the back
Pulling the robbery [?]
These n*ggas in the train tracks
Welcome, welcome, take 'em down
To the depths of the flames
I'm a psychopathic lunatic that motherf*cker who's insane
Aimin' for ya head, and I blow that motherf*ckers brain
Lurkin' out the doctors I'm that n*gga who ain't f*ckin' playing
Wicked sh*t, evil sh*t. upside down crucifix
Baker and Ramirez finna take up off in this f*ckin' b*tch
Triple Six is what I'm chantin' flames, I'm burnin' devil's dancing
Fountain in the f*ckin' fog and disappear like a f*ckin phantom

I be buckin', b*tch, say something
Run yo mouth and I'll confrontin'
Lay yo b*tch ass to the dirt in my [?]
Feeling nothin' smokin' something off in yo dome
I'm paranoid out my mind can't get no hold
The voices they talkin' I cannot control
My actions they rightfully show and take hold
I bumpin' [?] wicked sh*t
Feelin' like no one can harm me
Enemies slowly bleed out 'till they dead
Buck 'em, buck em', I dont love 'em
In the trunk is where i stuff 'em
Drag them to the f*ckin' river
Cold case, bodies missing
No trace, and no witness
This sh*t is also thinkin'
Pimpin' we all so vicious
Deathwish I'm out for vengeance
Total power, I adore slayin' the masses like I am at war
Black blade, blood straight to the floor
Demons of night rise up as blood pours
Ain't got no love for ya b*tch, I happen to destroy ya
Coward, coward, I devour crush yo soul it's now your hour
In the blunt, full of crunk, duckin' out the shadows
We run creepin' up from the back
We on the attack
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