The Homeless Gospel Choir

"Don’t Compare"

I'm fed up fed up fed up
By this analog twitter feed
If i unfollow you
Will you forget, all about me?
Like making art with a paintbrush
And all the strokes that go unnoticed
Or when your friends pretend you're joking
Even though they know
Your heart is broken

But don't you dare
Compare yourself
To anyone, but you
Don't you dare compare yourself to anyone but you

I'm fed up fed up fed up! (3x)

And then you go forgetting all the things that make you special
And you entertain the notion that you should have turned out "normal"
So the people in your office won't think youre such a f*ck-up
Even though you feel much better than you ever could remember
Yet you're haunted by a memory
Of being seen by somebody
Who wants you to be the kid you used to be
When you were still in high school
So you hide behind a coat rack in a cafe during summer
So you be invisible, just like the holy spirit
You know your greatest fear is...
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