"Graduation Speech"

I made it, sorry I couldn’t make it though
I’m tryna make a name for myself, so I won’t be there when my name is called

I was in the lab making beats, ‘cause that beats making lab
You got me all mixed up, I was at home mixing tracks

Yo, I was in the top tier, I didn’t even drop tears
Music you did not hear, that is why I’m not here

Tryna earn my respect, ain’t no time for recess
Long as I don’t regress, I ain’t got no regrets

I ain’t got no gown, I ain’t got no cap
You thought I was tellin’ lies? homie this is no cap

I was going all out, do the most and then some
Now they wanna come and, f*ck all with my income

Wait nah, this is school, so let me spell it out
Y-O-U is the one whose making out

I said Y-O-U is the one whose making out yo
So why owe you when I’m the one who made it out?

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