Dua Lipa

"Pretty Please (Masters at Work Remix)"

[Verse 1]
Somewhere in the middle, I
Think I lied a little, I
I said if we took it there, I wasn't gonna change
But that went out the window, yeah

I know that I seem a little stressed out
But you're here now, and you're turning me on
I wanna feel a different kinda tension
Yeah, you guessed it, the kind that's fun
Hate it when you leave me unattended
'Cause I miss ya, and I need your love
When my mind is runnin' wild
Could you help me slow it down?

Put my mind at easе
Pretty please
I need your hands on mе
Sweet relief
Pretty please

[Verse 2]
Exactly where I want me, yeah
Underneath your body, yeah
If we take it further, I swear I ain't gonna break
So, baby, come try me
Baby, come find me
Baby, don't wind me up
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