Kailee Morgue

"This is Why I’m Hot"

[Verse 1]
Bum me a cigarette, feed my addiction
'Cause that's what friends are for, right?
I'm coming down off a homemade prescription
'Cause that's what friends are for, right?
A little disorder in my sleeping quarters
Yeah that sounds like a good time
Bite til' my lip bleeds, whenever you kiss me
'Cause that's the sh*t that I like

Screen my phone calls, like I give a sh*t
Leather jacket, hair bleached like a cool kid
If you want something real, this is as real as it gets
Already hooked you in before the hook began

And they say I'm too personal
It's cool but it will never sell

That's quite the observation well
You can take it as it is or not
But this is why I'm f*cking hot

[Verse 2]
Friday night meltdown but buzzcuts are in now
And baby you're still so fine
Back to the topic, the track is still rockin'
And I still got the redlight
Hard to describe it but I get excited
When risky business all rhymes
Too many close calls but I don't care at all
I'll never ever ever die
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