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[Verse 1: Björk]
The warm, open wind on my skin
Primordial, plants glistening
With moisture directed at me, erect
My hair fossilized with salt and crust (Crust)

[Chorus: Emilie Nicolas & Björk]
Allow, allow, allow
Allow you to grow (Allow)
Allow, allow, allow, allow
Allow, allow, allow, allow me (You to grow, you to grow)
Me to grow (Me to grow, grow, grow)

[Post-Chorus: Björk]
Allow, allow
To grow

[Verse 2: Björk, Björk & Emilie Nicolas]
I look up at the treetops
I will braid those twigs together
Create a cathedral ceiling above me
How I long to float there midair
Between the branches amongst impossible magic

[Chorus: Björk, Emilie Nicolas]
Allow, allow, allow
Allow you (Allow, allow, allow)
Allow, allow, allow it to happen (Allow, allow you to grow)
Oh, happen to us
Allow, allow, allow (Ooh)
[Outro: Emilie Nicolas, Björk, Both]
I made a moon (Allow, allow)
A translucent one
Now could I (Cut it out into something)
Cut it out for someone like you
How mysterious I must feel to you
The universe and thе sky too
My little phoenix
When you burst out a song from my lips
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